Climate change – we have a deal!

Idiot has his analysis of the climate change deal:

In other words, our governments at Durban have just decided to let the planet burn, so they can continue to live in artificial, unsustainable comfort for another decade. This isn’t just a matter of them ruining the world for their children and grandchildren; they’re also ruining it for you and me. I expect to live for another forty or fifty years, barring accidents. And these rich, polluting <expletive deleted > have just decided that the world I’m going to be living in will be much worse than the one I live in now. As you might be able to tell, I’m pretty <expletive deleted >about that.

Sounds promising  😀

Of course, the silly thing is that this treaty was about CO2, not about pollution.

CO2 makes plants grow.


Update: Lest we forget, we were pretty much stuffed 4 years ago. If the c


  1. That’s a pretty good post actually – I almost see the spittle flying from his lips as he types grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    So the planet is going to burn is it? I can just picture cities and forests spontaneously combusting and the people rushing into the sea to keep cool. “Where’s Ban Ki-moon”” they cry “we need you now, we need a treaty to save us . The sea is boiling.

    And Ban Ki-moon appears in the sky smiling benevolently “Too late little people, too late you had your chance back in 2011 but you didn’t take it

  2. Environmentalists intentionally conflate AGW CO2 emissions with pollution, it is this kind of trickery which has backfired and damaged the credibility of the environmental left over time. I hope they continue to do this, it makes my work as a denier so much easier.


  3. Instead of exotic locations like Durban, may I suggest they hold future meeting in places like Wigan or Cleethorpes.

    1. The number of delegates/entourage/hangers on will be slashed by at least a factor of 10, helping CO2 emissions greatly.

    2. The meeting will last only one or two days, again reducing the hot air output.

    3. With luck, everyone will give it a pass and give this climate/tax scam BS a rest.

    From a reader of the Telegraph

      1. Like getting rid of the secret, World Bank backed REDD program.

        What is REDD? Google ‘REDD Peru’ to get started.

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