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Nice, tolerant destruction

Interesting thoughts from Peter Hitchens (no doubt written before the death of his brother).

Far too seldom the enemies of Britain actually admit their real  goals. The greatly overpraised Professor Richard Dawkins (pictured) has now blurted out in a Left-wing magazine that his aim is to ‘destroy Christianity’. 

Well, I knew that, and you probably knew that – but the anti-religious lobby have until now always pretended that they were just nice, tolerant people. 

They’re not. They’re as intolerant as the Spanish Inquisition, but not yet ready to show it.


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  1. That whole thing is pretty darn good – that man is on top of things

  2. It never ceases to amaze me how people can say that atheists are tolerant when every single communist regime has committed major atrocities against Christians. The only difference between Dawkins and Mao is that Dawkins does not have any political power.

    People like Dawkins may believe that they would not be like the atheist despots of the last century but they are wrong. They think they have something on which to base their moral viewpoint, but, in the end, they find that “civilized” man is an empty shell. When pressed upon by unfettered power, it shatters.

    • The irony is mac, that much of what they complain about is from times when the church has had the same unfettered power – and has ignored the clear commands of God.

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