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When the United States was founded as a nation, it’s constitution was established as the ultimate law. A law that is deemed to be outside the constitution can be nullified by the courts.

Now, believe it or not, I’ve used racist code words in the above short paragraph.


I’m not joking. In fact, I deliberately worded the above to avoid at least one other.

There comes a point when trying to fling mud at an opponent becomes a little too creative. Well, that was years back when the Democrats started talking about conservative “code words”.

Frankly Juan Williams sounds like he needs to take a few months holiday in a log cabin somewhere, far away from politics. The reality is that calling references to the constitution “racism” is going to lose vast numbers of voters who are put off by such insanity.

But it’s the nature of the left to need to invent evil in their opponents. And Obama is one of the most vigioursly opposed presidents in recent years.

Hm, perhaps I should check. It’s just possible that the word “president” has also been declared racist too.


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