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The Maritime Union of New Zealand will be holding a “save our port” rally this weekend to show their support for Port of Auckland workers.

Last I checked, the Maritime union was doing their darndest to destroy the port, by refusing to allow the port the flexible staffing it needs to stay viable in the modern era. Their actions have significant cut business for the port, losing contracts. Those lost contracts mean less work, and less work means less jobs.

So I propose some more campaigns:

  • The “Bigger Profits” campaign – Occupy movement
  • The “Respect” campaign – Mana party
  • Sue Bradford of course could start the “Better Child Discipline” campaign
  • The Labour part could have the “Who needs dams?”, or even “Lower Taxes”
  • And finally, Idiot/Savant could campaign against hypocrisy, or perhaps making s**t up based on a few isolated facts and his own warped mind.

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