Pope says destroy all mosques in west

Have a read.

If the pope called for the destruction of all the mosques in Europe, the uproar would be cataclysmic. Pundits would lambaste the church, the White House would rush out a statement of deep concern, and rioters in the Middle East would kill each other in their grief.

Putting it mildly.

But when the most influential leader in the Muslim world issues a fatwa to destroy Christian churches, the silence is deafening.

This is not a small-time radical imam trying to stir up his followers with fiery hate speech. This was a considered, deliberate and specific ruling from one of the most important leaders in the Muslim world. It does not just create a religious obligation for those over whom the mufti has direct authority; it is also a signal to others in the Muslim world that destroying churches is not only permitted but mandatory.

Clearly the Washington Times has been overtaken by islamaphobia. Or maybe this is like the idiots in Tuhoe, where it’s all just big talk we should all laugh off? Perhaps we need some apologies for the crusades? Or withdraw some support for Israel?

Regardless of the particular excuse that liberals will use to brush this under the carpet, it’s a certainty that they will.

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