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Someone pointed out this trademe auction.

Upright piano of early 1900s. Has been in our family for as long as I can remember as I learnt to play on it when I was little. 2 of the keys have had the ivory chipped off the very end otherwise in good condition. Although it will need tuning it can still spin out a pretty fair melody.
Very heavy

Someone asked…

hi there, what area are you in and would it be ok to come in and have a look and play on it to see if its’ what we want?

The reply:

We live in Ashley. You are most welcome to come and see it but you wont be able to ride in it because the horse that we bought it for had to be put down. My phone number is xxxxx

Must have been quite a blow, having to put down a horse that you bought to play piano. I hear they’re quite hard to get 🙂


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