Zimmerman did in fact have a head injury

One of the most bizare parts of the Zimmerman/Martin case has been the way that those who believe that Martin was lynched have seized on minor, inclusive details to “prove” their case.

To be more specific:

  1. Zimmerman said “f**king p???” in the 9/11 tape. This indecipherable word is apparently proof that Zimmerman was saying something racist (the word “coons”). Not that it would prove much even if he did say what is being claimed.
  2. There was a security video from the police station leaked which did not show any injury to Zimmerman’s head.

Clearly this latter evidence is also ridiculous. The video is grainy, and simply doesn’t have enough detail to prove a lack of injuries – which is what would really say something.

It’s also now been proven false. Patterico has a photo which clearly shows that Zimmerman was injured. To me, it looks like he may have even been cut with a knife.

I am not convinced that Zimmerman’s actions that night were right. It may be that had someone been following him without him noticing, videoing his actions that we might discover that he committed a crime. We may also discover that his account is correct.

But that’s the problem – he wasn’t charged, because there wasn’t sufficient evidence to convict. The police wanted to charge him but did not do so because the lawyers knew that they could never win the case. He’s only charged now because of the lynch mob.

In a perfect world, we would always have full evidence to determine exactly what happened whenever a person died unexpectedly. But we don’t. Reality is that cases like this (without evidence to prove it wasn’t self defense) happen all the time.

The only reason we even know about this case is because some people decided out of their own bigitory that this must have been a racial killing. Basically, it was painted as a self-appointed white tea-party republican patrolling the streets. We now now that he was in fact not self-appointed, was not white, and is in fact a registered Democrat.

But apparently those facts are only believable if you’re an idiot who listens to fox news.

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