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Please note: Every time you post on the internet about Brett Kimberlin, he gets emailed a copy of your post.

Now, if you call him a terrorist, he gets upset by this.

Given he is a convicted bomber, it is in no way deformation to call him a terrorist. It is to call him a pedophile, because that matter has not gone before the court. So I’m not calling him a pedophile – he isn’t.

He’s also got a history of lots of other crimes including perjury. In fact he’s such a shameless liar, he’s gone out and got peace order against someone right after a judge told him in no uncertain terms that his last peace order was completely and utterly invalid.

But the idea of annoying a terrorist, particularly a terrorist who’s using the court system to shut down and intimidate people who call him what he is, appeals to me.


So hence the post.

(I know it’s supposed to be Friday, but what the hey – let’s get the party started!)

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