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As readers will be aware, I’ve been blogging a bit on Jacqueline Sperling’s campaign of lies and harassment against (among others) Madeleine Flannagan and her friend Ms Brown.

I wasn’t online last night, and I missed this post:

So here goes the fisk.

Full disclosure when begging for money…

should not be optional.

One rule for thee, another for me. This is what she said days ago in response to people suggesting she publish the full judges decision:

I am not going to publish any of the contents of the Judge’s decision. To do so would be carrying this on. 

So when it comes to court established facts, the excuses come out. But for other people…

Matt and Madeleine Flannagan are pleading poor and begging for donations in order to travel to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.

I see no evidence to back either of these claims up, and as you’ll see, Sperling doesn’t provide any.

Wisconsin is a beautiful place – i lived there when i was in my early teens and one of my fondest memories of the place is of getting to watch the Milwaukee Brewers Baseball team play at Miller Park with my Dad.I was a tom boy as a kid. Baseball – and my Dad – were my two biggest loves.Anywayyyy I would love to go back there one day.

I’m sure that there’s many people in this country who would love to see her go, but I think we need to clean up our own messes, and not export them. Hopefully this particular post will help prompt the courts to do that.

This next paragraph I’ll break down quite a bit.

Unlike Matt and Madeleine Flannagan though – i intend to get a job and actually pay for it myself

I hope that my posts here have proved that the idea of Sperling doing  anything honest is worth of nothing more than a derisive snort.

– rather than getting myself a PhD in something so obscure that i will never be able to find employment,

I have no idea what Matt’s state of employment is to be honest, but he’s certainly got work. He’s making a very good name for himself in his chosen field hence the invitation to the conference and others like it. Unlike some people who’ve chosen easy things, he’s picked something worth doing and is making a very good job of it given the circumstances.
For those that are interested,Matt’s latest post is on why he got into his field. It’s a good read.

then lying to the readers of my blog about how much money i have, then choosing to beg so that other people will pay for me to travel,

Sperling makes this claim, but has not one thing to back it up. Go read the post – where is the “begging” for money*? I don’t see it, nor do I see any statement that they are “poor” in the post.

then deleting any comments – like i have something to hide – that are made on my blog

Sperling has deleted many, many comments on her blog over the weeks she was obsessing about Madeleine and Ms Brown. So by her own admission, she has a whole lot to hide.
But as I’ve said repeatedly, Sperling’s actions come covered with a thick, thick layer of irony. Always.

that question my bank balance and the thousands of dollars that i already have – instead of answering those comments.

Now, here’s the thing. Your bank account balance is your own business. It’s private, you don’t go splashing it around. I certainly wouldn’t accept a comment in that context, and I don’t think many bloggers would.

Sperling then posts scans of financial statements telling the world that MandM have a certain amount in the bank.

Well blow me down. At some stage in the last few months, they had money in the bank and put it down as security for something. Clearly, since Sperling has the document, it was for their court case.

I’m sure the courts will be highly impressed about that abuse of the court processes. It’s not like she was accused of harassment or something!

Now, why would they have so much money in the bank? Well, it turns out that they’re not hiding anything at all – rather, quite the opposite.

Glen I would love to come but Matt and I have just gone out on a limb and raised extra money on our mortgage so we can purchase a contract for services from my law firm so that I can keep more of the revenue I bring in.
It is a scary prospect given it means handing over the security of a fixed and regular income each week but it gives me the potential to earn more – assuming the new fixed fees for Family Legal Aid is viable, yet to be seen. Given this, I need to focus on billing and put some time on this new venture to see how it pans out. At this stage, I am not sure that financially we could cope with me heading overseas for two weeks.

So in actual fact, they’ve borrowed against the house to (essentially) start a business. Meaning that their financial situation is actually more precarious than ever but will hopefully be better in the long term.

Sperling is looking pretty foolish at this point. And we really haven’t done any digging at all.

No wonder they were so critical of me for not accepting the generous offers of donations towards my legal expenses that i received.

Actually, I believe they were critical because she didn’t apply for legal aid. But I think they were most critical that Sperling pretended she couldn’t afford lawyers when she most certainly could. The reason she didn’t of course was it didn’t fit The Narrative – that’s where she invented invented the story that she was this innocent victim who had no means to fight the evil lawyers. Of course, the court documents show clearly that The Narrative was completely untrue, but she’s still maintaining it on her blog.

These people have no problem begging for money for luxuries such as overseas travel – when clearly – they do not need to be begging.

Matt and Madeleine have gone years later than most before starting meaningful careers. This is perfectly public knowledge. Madeleine just started working this year and is already a partner in a law firm, so no doubt they will catch up with others in due course.

But what’s all this about “luxuries such as overseas travel“? This is a work trip – it’s not pleasure at all. To quote the post:

Every November there is about a two week period in America where a number of professional academic conferences are held where the best of the best in the field gather. For the last two years Matt has been either accepted or invited to speak at them

This isn’t a frivolity. It’s part of the process of pursuing employment for someone in Matt’s situation. And what’s more it’s getting results.

Thing is, Matt and Madeleine have people who think that what they do is worth while. Those people chose to support them, because they think that the scholarship that Matt produces needs to have a wider audience. And I agree.

Destiny Church part 2.

I’ll leave that without further comment.

No. Shame.

No one does irony like Jacqueline Sperling.


And just as a bonus: this woman who just posted a screenshot from MandM has been telling her readers for weeks that she never visits it.

Case. Closed.

*Yes, there’s a thermometer in the side. I see that. They are fundraising, but there’s not the slightest hint of anything other than “this is our goal”.


This post is about Jacqueline (Jackie) Sperling, and is part of an ongoing series discussing her ongoing campaign of harassment and lies against lawyer Madeleine Flannagan and Ms Brown, and The Narrative – the alternate reality she presents on her blog in which she pretends to be the victim of her targets. You can read a court decision that outlines her campaign and the court’s assessment of The Narrative here.

Please do not place abusive comments on her blog, phone her, or approach her or her family as she will blame this on her victims.


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  1. Watching Little Miss Crazy said:

    Of course LMC also neglects to mention that Mr T is a qualified, if disbarred, Barrister. Unsurprinsingly he is a crackhead like her.

    But when she says she can’t afford a lawyer she has Mt T sitting there helping her draft everything up.

  2. So Mr T = David Flewitt?

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  4. […] back up. She has since published more defamatory (and sometimes outright crazy) posts including Madeline’s husband’s bank account details (submitted for the lawsuit) and many claims that Madeline is an incompetent lawyer (which the trial […]

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