The Brown v Sperling Decision – In full (if you want)

Some people have questioned why I have posted this. The answer is very simple: I value the truth. Many people have gotten away with selectively quoting the judgement to make it say other things. The answer to these critics is to post the whole thing, and let people decide for themselves if Sperling is really the innocent party in all this.

Well, I’ve gotten my hands on the court decision, which has apparently been made public.

Brown v Sperling Decision

No wonder Sperling is so keen to brush it under the carpet, it rips The Narrative to shreds pretty much from page 1.

I’ll highlight the affidavit section, since that’s what Sperling’s readers will be most interested in.

Note that while I’ve interjected with comments, this is a full, unedited quote.

Ms Sperling’s Affidavit
[190] Ms Sperling filed an affidavit sworn on the 25th May 2012 and she asked that it be read so that she can put her side of the story.
[191] Ms Sperling did not appear at the hearing nor was she available for cross examination on her affidavit but it is possible for one to make an assessment of the content of her affidavit particularly when placed alongside her blog posts.
[192] Her affidavit contains a copy of Ms Brown’s online suicide note. I found it difficult to understand why she should include that particular reference for it had little relevance to the proceedings but the issue of Ms Brown’s attempted suicide is a matter which clearly has exercised her mind since January 2011.

Not a good start.

[193] The affidavit contains a considerable amount of information about Ms Sperling’s background and also of her relationship with Ms Brown and Ms Flannagan. In it she casts herself as the victim of harassment by Ms Brown and Ms Sperling and she gives an account of the difficulties that she has had with both of them over the period leading up to this litigation. She gives an explanation for some of the general contacts that there have been between Ms Brown and Ms Flannagan but in the main the affidavit is more of an attack upon them and their behaviour rather than any explanation of what she has done. She casts Ms Brown and Ms Flannagan as the villains in the piece and suggests that they have been posting
anonymous comments upon her blog and that Ms Brown opens fictitious Facebook accounts so that she can “spy” on other Internet users.

So The Narrative was outlined, as we know.

[194] Ms Sperling’s assumption of the role of victim in this matter in my view cannot be justified. One only has to look and critical tone of her blog postings to understand this. When criticised, it is my view that she tends to counter attack and rather than address the substance of the comment and will move the debate into a personal attack.

Hardly a suprising finding, given the evidence. What is surprising is that she tried to take  The Narrative into court, but then, a lot of what she’s done doesn’t make the slightest sense.

Her use of key words and phrases in a repetitive way clearly is intended to identify certain people – obviously in an attempt to circumvent directly naming them and thus running the risk of potential defamation proceedings. It is clear that Ms Sperling is unaware of the legal position of innuendo.

In other words, she was trying to be clever.

[195] Throughout her affidavit she claims that she was not intending to harass Ms Brown or Ms Flannagan but with respect I find that that view is naive. The numerous postings and comments on her blog make it clear that she had a fixation with both Ms Brown and Ms Flannagan and was very willing to engage in counter attack if she thought whether with justification or not that they were making comments about her.

The weird bit is that she still has readers who haven’t worked this out. But one must admit, she has been very good at stickig to The Narrative, so much so that initially even I was fooled for a bit.

[196] I was concerned that on the 31st May Ms Sperling published her affidavit although fortunately she decided to omit the content of the suicide note although she drew attention to its existence stating that a copy was in her affidavit but she said she was not going to post it on her blog.
[197] I was surprised that Ms Sperling had done this because it seemed to support Ms Brown and Ms Flannagan’s contention that Ms Sperling was fixated upon them and it seems that she was going to carry the debate into the forum of her blog rather than engage in the Court process although she did state in her affidavit that she had neither the funds nor the time to do so.

Sperling has always known that she can’t win in court with the facts so at odds with her story. So her tactic has always been to push The Narrative in public and hope like heck the house of cards doesn’t fall too soon.

[198] I was concerned about this and made the decision to check Ms Sperling’s blog myself to see if the post was still available. As at the date of writing this judgment it is not. In fact it appears to have been taken down and Ms Sperling has replaced it with a post entitled “Struggles” dated May 31st 2012.
[199] The tone of the post is very much along the lines of a personal statement similar to the type of remarks that one might expect in a counselling session and is consistent with Ms Sperling’s statement in her affidavit that she started the blog primarily for therapeutic purposes following upon some unfortunate life choices that she had made in 2009. She stated in her affidavit “I have wanted to be outspoken regarding the devastation that methamphetamine causes to every life it touches and be an example of hope for anyone who might be where I once was hence why I have written on a daily basis in regards to my struggles, trials, and tribulations that I have overcome in the past 3 years, as well as rewards and blessings that living a drug free life has allowed me to enjoy”.
[200] The blog post “struggles” reads as follows:
“In case you had not noticed – I have really struggled these last few weeks regarding what the right thing to do in this situation that I have been going through is.
I still don’t know what the right thing to do is.
One minute I want to fight back because I know that I have done nothing wrong. The next minute I want to just ignore them – like I had tried to do for so long until they served me with legal papers and just hope that whatever the outcome in Court is – that it will just leave me alone once it is finished. Then I get a barrage of nasty emails and I want to fight back again. A day later I am back just wanting to walk away and know this will be over soon.
It has been an emotional and vicious cycle for the past month.
It has been awful.
I have lost weight. My studies have suffered. I don’t want to be at home. I don’t want my teenagers and even my adult son to be there either. I am scared of the next knock on my door. Last night after the barrage of emails – I got in my car and just drove to the end of the street so that T and the kids would not see me – and cried on my own. Tonight – while at T’s place – someone knocked on his door and I couldn’t stop shaking for fear that it was someone else to serve me more papers.
And over what…
He said – she said – school yard crap.
No one stole of anyone. No one physically harmed anyone. No one threatened anyone (other than in a legal sense) no one broke the law.
Actually – that is wrong. I was threatened with having my head ripped off and a friend of theirs has advised the world that he is going to hire a hit man from Australia to kill me – but we will forget about that – shall we…
I just tried to end a very brief and destructive friendship – 18 months ago.
I have no idea what the outcome of the day was. I waited all day and night for the normal stream of emails that I usually receive from those lawyers and that I expected to received as soon as they had won – and none has come.
Regardless of what happened today – I am removing every trace of this from my blog and moving on.
I can’t fight this gang of complete insanity any longer.
I have a lot of good in my life – and those people are not any of that good.
There is always a bright side – T and I are closer than ever after this month. I wouldn’t have believed it was possible for us to be closer than we already were – before all of this – but it was.
That man and his unwavering support have been my rock.
I am truly blessed. I don’t know what I did to deserve him but whatever it was I am glad I did it.
This has just been another part of my journey and a learning curve. I don’t know what lessons I was supposed to learn from this but I am sure that one day those lessons will be clear to me”.
[201] I have carried out a check to ascertain whether or not all of the blog posts of which Ms Flannagan and Ms Brown complained have been removed and many have been. However, I shall proceed to analyse the information that I have before me to determine firstly whether or not there has been harassment and the nature of the remedy.

Clearly, the judge was utterly unimpressed by Sperling’s statement to the court.

**This post has been edited to remove certain comments that detracted from the message.


This post is about Jacqueline (Jackie) Sperling, and is part of an ongoing series discussing her ongoing campaign of harassment and lies against lawyer Madeleine Flannagan and Ms Brown, and The Narrative – the alternate reality she presents on her blog in which she pretends to be the victim of her targets. You can read a court decision that outlines her campaign and the court’s assessment of The Narrative here.

Please do not place abusive comments on her blog, phone her, or approach her or her family as she will blame this on her victims.


  1. Mate, I somehow came across all this just recently and to be honest I initially bought the ‘narrative’ from Sperling.

    I think it was when the judgement named Whale so I caught it all from her perspective – after the judgement was given and accepted that she must have been right.

    For whatever reason I looked in on her site a few days later (not a site I would or will visit regularly) and noticed she was continuing to stir the pot so to speak.

    I thought hmmm… maybe she’s not as kosher as I thought.

    Saw something somewhere else tonight and read some very brief comments from Madeleine (on Madeleine’s Blog) and figured she may not be the nasty piece of work that Sperling makes her out to be.

    Then this, the judgement, and you really can see she’s a fucking fruit loop. I probably shouldn’t be so harsh as she clearly needs help but what an absolute bloody menace she is.

    Thanks for posting this, I doubt it will shame the stupid cow into silence but we can but hope.

    I’ve no idea whether Flannagan and Brown or good people or not but they have definitely been on the end of a fucking freak show named Jacqueline Sperling.

      1. Do you reckon you could link me where you got the case from, it’s for an assignment, cheers!

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