Sperling’s Testable Claim – Part1?

Someone commented at Peter Aranyi’s blog:

Brown has been subjected to 18 months worth of intermittent blog posts, a total of just under 50 and countless comments, accusing her of stalking, making fake rape complaints, inviting rape, faking suicide, attempting suicide to get attention, acting like a bunny boiler, abusing police time, committing perjury, bringing vexatious law suits, being a poor employee. Her photo, private correspondence, links to her employer’s website, a hand-written note from her 10 year old daughter indicating her upset state at her mother’s suicide attempt, and an offer to anyone who emailed to be provided with her suicide note were published on Sperling’s blog.

Peter made a reply, and later appended it thus:

UPDATE: Jacqueline Sperling takes issue with the truthfulness of a number of the assertions in this anonymous comment, including (but not limited to) the description of the number of blog posts she is alleged to have authored about the plaintiffs and what those posts or comments contained.

I can’t see anywhere where Sperling herself said that, but there’s no reason to believe that it’s a lie.

Well! this means we have an objective claim to test now, doesn’t it? Of course the “countless comments” is hyperbole, but we can certainly count posts, and see if there are posts that contain the above.

Unfortunately, we don’t have an alternative number of posts that Sperling will admit to. But given the objection is to “just under 50”, it seems reasonable to assume that she would also object to 40, and probably even 35. I have no idea how many she thinks she has written, but even 20 would be more than the one written and MandM – which did not name Sperling, was carefully written and has since been removed.

Turns out there are, at last count, 58 59 (she’s posted another since this was first written) posts that either:

  • Name Ms Brown and/or Madeleine Flannagan
  • Make nasty hints about one or the other or
  • Contained or used to contain comments (of varying degrees of spite) about them

I have a full list, but I’m actually doubting that it should be published. That would only be providing assistance to the guilty. Part of the problem is that many of the posts are deliberately written to look very innocent to the uninitiated observer – but when filled in on the background the picture changes very quickly.

So I have decided to compromise and prove beyond all doubt that there are 41 posts up to the present day that demonstrate Sperling’s obsession. I’m starting from the post just before the first lawyer’s letter. Those posted before that, may end up in a second post. For now, you can take my word for it, or you can chose not to believe me.

And for those who have been tut-tutting my tone, please accept my apologies for the tone of these quotes from Jackie Sperling. The language is at times heavily abusive.

2/05/2012 Single white female

18 months ago – ending a friendship and that person not taking the perceived rejection very well – was kind of amusing. …Last week i woke at 3am to Nixon barking and someone “shushing” him. …It has reached a point where i do not feel safe in my home, and on the nights that i am at T’s place i just worry about my home being left alone. …Time for me to shift house.Until then – i am going to try to give blogging a break. The enjoyment that i get out of my writing, and how happy my life is right now – seems to fuel her rage.

18 months ago it was “amusing” to taunt someone. Nice.

4/05/2012 You are a translator

The day before yesterday, on May the 2nd – i received a letter advising me that my stalker and the psycho that has left constant and abusive comments on my blog for the past 16 months is going to sue me for defamation and harassment.

4/05/2012 My Friday night was going swell

Post has been edited by Sperling to remove reference. But the original comments have not been edited and make it plain that it was originally about Ms Brown and Madeleine.

7/05/2012 Someone has deep pockets

Someone at Chapman Tripp spent over 6 hours on my blog today…. Chapman Tripp aren’t cheap…even if they had a junior working on this i would say that would still be worth well over a grand to some obsessed person out there.

Creepy. My stalker is clutching expensive straws now.

They probably got an intern to sit down at her blog and note all the instances of harassment for some sort of exercise. Or some lawyer was reading it for fun. Or a receptionist. Perhaps a person from HR was reading it because Sperling mentioned someone. Who knows.

8/05/2012 Keyword search for dummies

My stalker’s top ten searches on my blog today were the following key words; 1 – 10 …ten female names in front of T’s sur name.  Here is a clue silly stalker- if T’s last name didn’t come up when you seached it the first time – it is not going to come up when you put a female’s name in front of it.

More tilting at windmills.

9/05/2012 Spiritual landmark

Anyway – i have decided that i am no longer going to comment re what Erin Brokovich is doing on my blog and the levels that she is going to in order stalk me. As creepy as it is and as much as i think i have a right to write about it – i don’t think doing that is doing anything but making the situation worse. It just fuels her. So i am going to follow my own advice that i gave to her last victim prior to me – and ignore, ignore, ignore.

Let’s count these. So, this is No. 1 statement she’s letting go. It should also be noted that neither of her victims ever commented on her blog – this was (and still is) entirely her imagination.

9/05/2012 I have just been served papers

Like i said – i was not going to mention Erin Brokovich again – unless i was served papers. Well now i have been served…. There are not even any half truths in these papers – it is all lies and her attempting to be the victim. If i didn’t know just how psycho and evil this woman is – these lies would upset me.

10/05/2012 Don’t be a fool – 1

Honestly – it is going to take me days to go through all of this – and dig up the proof that i have in order to defend myself and disprove their lies. This has upset me very much. I have put up with Erin harassing and stalking me for the past 18 months and for her to then use lies and her lawyer friend to further harass and bully me via a court case because they know that i have no money to defend myself has placed me at the end of my rope this morning. This – from a supposed Christian and her psychotic friend.

10/05/2012 Lies number 1 + 2

Bullying is not what our legal system in this country is for and i am going to keep writing this in order to show that some people – including recently qualified lawyer Madeleine Flannagan – think otherwise. No one should be able to get away with using her friend as a free lawyer in order to bully someone else -which will end up costing me thousands because she knows i cannot afford to fight this. If people can get away with this kind of behaviour then there is more wrong with the legal system than anyone realises. 

She’s certainly never presented any evidence of bullying – just painted the lawsuit that way. If she wanted the lawsuit to end, she could have withdrawn the posts from her blog at any stage*.

10/05/2012 Lies number 3

This woman is NUTS. She has not submitted any evidence to support this delusion of hers with her affidavit so i can only assume that she just thought she would chuck that extra lie in for good measure. [Ms Brown] is a liar with zero credibility. Madeleine Flannagan is her enabler.

These “lies” posts are exactly as they are entitled, and have been refuted – but that’s another post.

10/05/2012 Lies number 4

If i had ever had any inclination to harass [Ms Brown] – the best way to do that would have been to meet the object of her obsession for coffee in order to wind her up. I did not do that though – because i was and always have been afraid of what [Ms Brown] is capable of.

If you’re counting, I would point out that this is the 29th post that harasses those insane people who she wishes would just leave her alone but are instead just waiting outside her door ready to bash her over the head. Lucky they never go through with it I guess.

11/05/2012 Busy day ahead for me

My stable and loving relationship and who i am in that relationship with has nothing to do with [Ms Brown], her mental health issues, her stalking and harassing me with legal proceedings despite the fact that i had done nothing to warrant legal proceedings prior to yesterday, or anything else to do with this topic.

12/05/2012 I can’t believe this

I do a couple of posts that relate to my experience on a night out, and my struggle with knowing how to support someone through a suicide attempt – without naming that person – and i get a harassment suit full of lies slapped on me.

This post about “a couple” of posts is post no. 31. Post post post? Post.

12/05/2012 Finally

I am so glad that – finally – something is being done to stop this kind of online bullying. Had something been done earlier – i would not have had to put up with what i have put up with over the past 18 months – and this past week would not have happened.I would have known that i was not wasting police time if i made a complaint in relation to her behaviour. I would not have felt like i just needed to ignore it because getting upset was pointless and there was nothing i could do about it.

The judgement of course made it only too clear that the only bullying in this case was from Sperling.

13/05/2012 Wouldn’t it be nice

The Herald on Sunday should be ashamed of that lazy attempt at reporting.Regardless of that though – i am glad that they have publicised this. More people will now read about it and see just how far one vindictive woman will go in order to damage the life of someone that she feels has rejected her….Madeleine Flannagan is abusing her position of power by representing [Ms Brown] for free- enabling her to continue to bully and harass people that do not want her in their lives.

To be fair, the only material in the report is from her blog. So her claim that it was lazy reporting is arguably quite correct.

13/05/2012 The end of an era

I doubt very much that the events of this past week would have happened if i had not had a blog because that person would have eventually forgotten about me and moved on. Without the comment function on here she would not have had a way to harass me anonymously. I have been aware that there are people out there that only read my blog hoping to see bad, and people that are just being nosy who i really don’t want to know what is going on in my life.

So, this is No. 2 statement she’s letting go – closing her entire blog this time. I’ll save you counting – there’s 24 posts to cover.

15/05/2012 One more thing before I go

To [Ms Brown], Madeleine Flannagan, Cameron Slater and Cactus effing Kate …. NFWAB – Especially one that has done nothing wrong and has nothing to hide. Unfortunately for you lot – i am the only one in this sorry saga that has done nothing wrong and has nothing to be ashamed of. Unlike you crazy people – i actually live a life that i am proud of these days.

You have all dragged me into your web of lies, adultery, bullying, harassing and the rest of all of your repulsive behaviour and on Sunday – for some reason – it was me that received a character assassination by the Herald on Sunday.

It’s all your fault that I blogged this stuff!!

19/05/2012 Just a brief update

I have always believed that i should help others but not at the detriment of myself which is why i ended my friendship with [Ms Brown] and is also why i am ending my blog. No one needs to read the kind of crap that i have received on my blog since ending that friendship – or to feel unsafe in their own home due to the threats that i have received. 

No. 3…

25/05/2012 This woman is nuts

I again tried to walk away from this entire saga because not only is it my opinion that the whole darn thing makes every single one of us look nuts – due to the people that [Ms Brown] has befriended in her efforts to stalk me – i actually fear for my safety….Does she really think that her legal qualification has given her the power to run around the internet dictating to people what they can and can’t write about…

37 posts.

26/05/2012 Slammed again

I think the fact that there has been no agreement reached even after me making that offer shows the level of vindictiveness that i am dealing with. This is not about anything i said being true or untrue. This is not about their reputations or mine.This is about [Ms Brown]‘s inherent desire to hurt and destroy anyone who she feels has rejected her. She doesn’t care how nuts she makes everyone look – including her friends – in the process.It won’t work.

27/05/2012 What is it going to take

I could not believe that these women would be stupid enough to think that i would agree to more than what even a judge would make me do even if they do win this case.   Because i have not lied about either of these women and because i have only written the truth in relation to everything that has been going on for the past three weeks – i will not bow down to their demands and continued harassment and bullying of me by lying to the world and publishing on my blog that anything that i have said is untrue. It is not untrue and it will be a cold day in hell before these women bully or harass me into lying on my blog and telling the world that anything that i have said has been a lie. 

If you’re reading that that she made a settlement offer then went online to complain that they took her at her word, you’d be about right. There may be post on this, and if there is, it will be very interesting – that I promise you.

29/05/2012 What a balls up

It looks like Madeleine Flannagan has decided to represent herself – for the sole purpose of being able to say that she was never served my affidavit. Another display of this woman’s idea of honesty i guess. Weird. I thought they would have been happy with what i had filed in my defence. I was disappointed in it and had i actually gone to the trouble that they have gone to – i could have done a much better job of proving them to be the liars that they are.

29/05/2012 Forgiveness

Some of those posts that they have submitted in their evidence were only up for a short time and date back to mid last year. The fact that they have copies of posts that were only up for a short time goes against their claim that they have not been following or posting on my blog obsessively. The level of their obsession with me is scary. If i was a judge i would not be impressed with having to read everything that they have submitted.  

Ah, “only for a short time”, meaning that they were in fact published and Sperling admits to hiding them.

Later she states she is removing everything. That’s No. 4

The removal of my side of this saga from my blog has nothing to do with the civil proceedings against me, or the intimidation that i or my partner have been on the receiving end of. I am not backing down because i believe that i was wrong or because anything that i have said has been untrue.

A few days most of it was all back up – much of it was never removed at all.

30/05/2012 Crazy lawyers doing my head in

To Madeleine Flannagan and Simon Buckingham; I do not care what you are doing and i am not reading your emails. It is not my fault neither of you have real cases to work on so you feel the need to represent your psychotic friend who has harassed me for 18 months for free while wasting the court’s and a judge’s time with your 200 paragraph affidavits full of your client’s psychiatric history – like that has anything to do with your allegations against me!…I am changing my email address and it will not be public. I am moving home because of these people and the threats to my life from the people that they have been willing to associate with in order to harass and bully me. I am changing my cell phone number.

How can people get away with this – all over a couple of blog posts where i NEVER EVEN NAMED THEM!
I cannot compete with these lawyers’ or their client’s mental illnesses.

The court ruling makes it very clear that the claim she “never even named them” is completely false. In fact, I can give you the precise date and time the comment was placed: December 8, 2011 8:20 am. Again, refuting that claim is a post for another day.

Also, here’s what the judge said about that:

Her use of key words and phrases in a repetitive way clearly is intended to identify certain people – obviously in an attempt to circumvent directly naming them and thus running the risk of potential defamation proceedings. It is clear that Ms Sperling is unaware of the legal position of innuendo.

The judge made it clear that the case was quite real, even though he dismissed the application. He even took the step of expressing sympathy for the applicants – it’s not hard to see why he did that, is it?

31/05/2012 Still going at 11.35pm last night

Simon Buckingham should have the letters OCD after his name instead of LLB. Why is he emailing me at 11:35 pm at night? The above are just some of the emails that i have received from Madeleine Flannagan and Simon Buckingham after i advised them that i was removing anything to do with their client from my blog and that was the end of this drama for me.

Apparently it’s insane behaviour now for a lawyer to be up late preparing for a case.

31/05/2012 My sworn statement to the judge

You can read what the judge thought of this here.

31/05/2012 To the WINZ Lady

Now not only am i being harassed via the legal system for not wanting that woman in my life – now i have people watching my home from the street. Now i am having to put up with WINZ harassing me as well. This has got to end. All i did was end a friendship. This is unbelievable. 

The truth is that Sperling was probably being watched. She’s gathered a number of enemies over the years, and it seems that one of them was taking advantage of her (very publicly advertised) state of mind to mess with her mind.

31/05/2012 Struggles

Regardless of what happened today – i am removing every trace of this from my blog and moving on.  I can’t fight this gang of complete insanity any longer. 

That’s No. 5, and her 46th attack post.

1/06/2012 Give it to me

I said it before – and i will say it again – None of their “evidence” against me was taken from their Facebook pages or their blogs – because i have never paid attention to or watched what they are doing online. I do not care about them and only wish they would return the favour.Every single thing that has occurred over the last 18 months – occurred because they refused to leave me alone and came to my blog and my facebook page – to harass me.

2/06/2012 Cyber Bully Laws

Oh and Dear Your silly proxy things do not hide you – or the fact that you have visited my blog 150 times in the last 40 hours. You are going to have to find something else to try to mask your stalking and harassment of me. Seriously – What the heck is wrong with these people…

In case you didn’t pick up earlier, Sperling believes that Ms Brown was constantly looking at her blog, and she considered that “stalking”.

You did? Carry on then.

Oh, did you know that the IP in question demonstrably wasn’t Ms Brown’s?

4/06/2012 Tania Head – The 911 Faker

The parallels between Tania Head’s behaviour and the behaviour of someone who has caused great stress in my life lately are amazing. I really feel for the real survivors of the 911 terror attacks who got sucked in by this woman’s fantasy. …Near the end of this documentary there are all sorts of excuses and speculation being made for why someone would behave like this. I think the woman who just said “she is a raving lunatic” pretty much hit the nail on the head.

5/06/2012 What the heck

I guess Simon Buckingham has withdrawn or been sacked in the 11th hour. I do hope they have included Madeleine harassing me on my blog over the weekend by anonymously pretending to have heard all the details of the case on Facebook via comments on my blog – in their most recent pile of papers for the judge. Apparently Madeleine is denying that despite the computer that made those comments being named “Madeleine” and despite the fact that the IP address in question has not commented again since i caught her out – and despite the fact that the ip address in question was on my blog at 2:27 am this morning at the exact same time that she was sending the above email to me – it is not her.

Again, some one is deliberately feeding the paranoia.

9/06/2012 Try to be more understanding

They want me to publish a retraction regarding anything i have said regarding the case and an apology – which will never happen because i am the victim of harassment here and never lied – so i am not going to lie and say that i did.

Now, even if you don’t accept my word that there’s 18 posts before the one I started on, this is still No. 33.

16/06/2012 Justice for me!

And i didn’t even have a lawyer…. Simon Buckingham and Madeleine Flannagan should hand in their LLBs and go back to Law school. This kind of abusive and vexatious litigation is not what our courts are for….I am forgetting about this – and forgiving both of them.

How generous, forgive those you’ve been tormenting! Can we count this as “this ends” No. 6?

17/06/2012 Internet Intrigue

The judge’s decision in this case shows that just because you are a lawyer – or in the case of [Ms Brown],  have a friend who will act as your lawyer for free – that does not give you a right to spend 18 months stalking a person’s blog, facebook page, emailing them,  hunting down and befriending people from that person’s past in order to hurt them, making threatening phone calls, taunting that person in an effort to get them to name you, and making constant threats of legal action then when none of that succeeds in making the object of your obsession unhappy – you cannot use the legal system to further bully that person. It shows that the law clearly states that if you obsess over someone and refuse to just leave that person alone then your own actions are what will cause you distress.

Of course, the judgement showed nothing of the sort.

19/06/2012 I don’t get it

I guess it will be interesting to see how this court case plays out. I don’t envy Slater right now. Mental legal proceedings are enough to do anyone’s head in. If the Whale is lucky – Matt will have Madeleine Flannagan or Simon Buckingham representing him.

21/06/2012 Full disclosure when begging for money…

I covered this recently. It’s actually now off-line – for the 4th time I think. Though given it contains a screenshot that refutes her second attack along this line it will probably not be put back up.

23/06/2012 Term One All Done!

I was gobsmacked that those women claimed to be so distressed by my anonymous blogging of my interactions with them – yet don’t mind all their personal information and dirty laundry out there for the world to see – but then i thought about it… I shouldn’t really be surprised at this proof that their claims of “distress” were disingenuous – should i ? Most of what they included in their affidavits was false. Why would they have been honest about their “distress” ?

The judgement is online only because it has been released by the judge and became a public document. That’s regrettable.

But it does put in public both sides of the story, unlike what’s been on the internet up to now. The whole unvarnished truth will always be better than a selectively edited lie.

28/06/2012 They still don’t get it…

[Ms Brown] and Madeleine Flannagan can wrap it up however they want but that does not change the facts – Madeleine Flannagan and Simon Buckingham could not even win a case where the respondent had no lawyer and did not even appear to defend herself. They can spend three more weeks, months, years, even decades spreading their lies via thousand word comments on blogs, but that won’t change the fact that I only need two words. CASE. DISMISSED.  Get over it – you “reasonably happy” liars.

30/06/2012 We Know What You’re Doing

I would have probably ended up attracting the nutty lawyers and their sock puppets again – but it would have been fun!

3/07/2012 Lawyer runs begging thermometer

And yesterday’s second attempt at undermining M&M’s fundraising described in the previous post makes 59.

*Actually, it would not have been quite that simple later on, but it still would have been in her power.


This post is about Jacqueline (Jackie) Sperling, and is part of an ongoing series discussing her ongoing campaign of harassment and lies against lawyer Madeleine Flannagan and Ms Brown, and The Narrative – the alternate reality she presents on her blog in which she pretends to be the victim of her targets. You can read a court decision that outlines her campaign and the court’s assessment of The Narrative here.

Please do not place abusive comments on her blog, phone her, or approach her or her family as she will blame this on her victims.


  1. I suspect the antagonist & protagonists will be checking this blog, so I would ask that all concerned meditate on this:

    Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen. And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, with whom you were sealed for the day of redemption. Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.

    Anyone who claims to be in the light but hates a brother or sister is still in the darkness. Anyone who loves their brother and sister lives in the light, and there is nothing in them to make them stumble. But anyone who hates a brother or sister is in the darkness and walks around in the darkness. They do not know where they are going, because the darkness has blinded them.

      1. Don’t get me wrong, it is important that we correct each other but we must do it with love… that’s when it gets difficult 🙂

      2. I think there’s a general impression that, because it blew up, Madeleine mishandled the situation.

        Now, I can’t say for sure that that is true, but I am assured that it is not – that the approach to original discussions was rather extreme shall we say.

        The fact that Sperling tried to get Madeleine fired (and has lied about it since) points very strongly that Madeleine is telling the truth in that regard.

  2. I don’t want to cast aspersions on people’s character, commitment to their faith etc. but this is not the kind of behaviour I think is reasonably acceptable between brothers (and sisters) in Christ.

    Sure, we’re going to let each other down, wind each other up, say things without thinking and all the rest of those charming little foibles that come with being born in sin but gee whizz, some people need to take a really hard look at themselves and their behavior in all this and consider that what comes from the mouth, or in this case, keyboard, comes from the heart.

    I don’t know how long Jackie has known our Saviour, but sometimes her comments suggest that He’s more of an acquaintance…

    1. To the best of my knowledge, I’ve made very little comment about Sperling’s faith. It’s a very tricky thing – ultimately only God knows the heart.

      I know (and you can guess) what her victims believe, but for now, I will be reserved on that front.

      1. Oh, I have no doubt that Madeleine would have felt she had no other option than to take the option she did, and from that point on, no-one was going to come out of this smelling of roses…

        I don’t see Ms sperling backing down anytime soon, that would take more humility than most of us have.

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