Lawyers and Harassment

This really stood out in Aaron Worthing’s description of his recent hearing to remove an illegal (and utterly dishonest) restraining order:

Of course the highlight of the hearing came when my attorney sought to cross examine Kimberlin.  Of course he gave Kimberlin an epic cross-examination back on April 11, but today he was more focused but equally effective.  Interestingly, he didn’tgo through the entirety of Kimberlin’s criminal history, or indeed any of it.  But he did ask Kimberlin about when I was SWATted, about a week and a half ago and Kimberlin went into a rage at the suggestion.  He called it a “despicable” question, falsely claiming that I and others had blamed him for it “without a shred of evidence” (in fact when I wrote about the SWATting, and talked about it on the radio, I was careful not to blame him because I can’t prove he had anything to do with it).  But he was absolutely furious at even the simple question of whether or not he was involved in it, shaking his finger at my attorney in rage and saying to him, “You’re harassing me” by even asking the question.  That is, a lawyer asking a person a question in court is harassment, according to Kimberlin.

It’s interesting to compare and contract the two cases.

Both Kimberlin and Sperling:

  • Furiously claim harassment when lawyers simply do their job
  • Lash out at anyone else who gets involved
  • Try to use the law to destroy other people
  • Lie as readily as most people tell the truth
  • Have previously been in trouble before the courts
  • Have won court victories having presented false information to the court
  • Present altered versions of reality to their supporters
  • Made their name by defaming a famous person
  • Are trying to destroy the carrers of ethical lawyers who have annoyed them

But they also contrast a lot too:

  • Kimberlin wants people to stop telling the truth, Sperling wants the right to keep lying
  • Kimberlin uses proxies and sock puppets, Sperling goes on the internet herself
  • Kimberlin made his name when he lied about Quayle. Sperling came into the public eye when she threatened to tell the truth about her affair with Laws
  • Kimberlin is trying to shut down free speech in a country that values it highly. Sperling is getting away with nasty lies in a country that is more measured about it.

Anyway, if you haven’t already go and have a read about Brett Kimberlin over at Aaron’s Blog.

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