Blog Tidyup continues

Readers may have noticed the blog was locked for a while tonight. This seems to be the best way to update old posts with proper tags without spaming the RSS feed with old material.

It was interesting to read many of my old posts. I seem(ed) to have a habit of not really explaining my thoughts fully. There was also a problem early on with where posts would get cut off randomly, but I think that mostly it was me not fully expressing my thoughts, and assuming that future readers would know the full context of my (now cryptic) comments.

Speaking of the tidy-up, few days ago I discovered that has a nice tool to convert tags and categories. This has enabled me to move a number of topics to tags where they properly should always have been. The result has been that my tag cloud at the bottom of the screen is a lot more balanced. I should probably try to get rid of the smallest categories – there’s rather a lot of ’em.

While doing this work, I’ve been listening the the videos on this post about fracking. Very interesting stuff.

Update: Heh, blue headers. Nice.

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