Sperling about to get kicked off course

Breaking news tonight!

I just got off the phone with the PA for the head of school where i am studying.

[Ms] Brown has contacted my University and is attempting to interfere with my future and my studies. The PA to the Head of School has advised me that it “is very transparent” what [Ms] Brown is attempting to do and that the Head of the School wants to meet with me in order to fill me in on what [Ms] has said, make sure that i am ok, and offer me the school’s support.

I cannot wait until Monday so that i can get the information that i need from the head of school – and go directly to the nearest Police station. The school has assured me that they just want to offer me support and ensure that what i am going through is not having an impact on my studies. I explained the legal proceedings that i went through in June when i had exams and assignments due – and how it did affect my studies. The school have assured me that they just want to help and have agreed that i need to go to the police.

I was going to say that there are two scenarios here, but there is only one.

She’s lying.

She’s summoned to a disciplinary hearing that will (I confidently predict) result in her being kicked out of the school.

There is no way that a school that teaches counseling is going to keep her on. They teach counselling. They are training their students to deal with people who have undergone trauma, to handle that trauma with care and sympathy.

Sperling has publicly humiliated such a person for sport, and tried to get that person’s real friend kicked out of her profession in a fit of pique.

And she has done all that on her blog. In public, on the public record. And the parts she has modified are in the court record. She narrowly missed out on getting a restraining order placed on her by the people concerned here, and she has since well and truly crossed the threshold for the one criteria she did not meet on that occasion. She is only days away from having a restraining order slapped on her, and that order will not be her first.

There is no way that someone, having listened to one side of this story, a side that is supported by a huge volume of evidence – most of which is in Sperling’s own words – would sit down and say what Sperling has claimed. Not when the idea of her being a victim is not supported anywhere but inside her own head. And certainly not an institution that is supposed to train people who can be trusted by victims.

Actually, you don’t even need to go that far. No one says “it’s clear you are the victim, how can we help” when a complaint is laid against you. That’s absurd – or highly unprofessional. No, a complaint is investigated, both sides are heard and then the results come out.

In other words, she’s over-egged the pudding on this one. As usual.

I will now reveal that several weeks ago I contacted an experienced counselor who is a personal friend, and related the facts of the case.

The response I received was that there was 0% chance that Sperling would ever be allowed to graduate. It turns out that my friend actually did the same course.

But let me make this quite clear.

In the unlikely event that this claim of Sperling’s is true, I will make it my personal mission to talk to as many ministers, counselors, doctors and any other professionals I can find and explain to them what Sperling has done. I will then ask them to confirm from independent sources that what I say is true, and that they contact her school to express their horror.

That is if Campbell Live doesn’t get there first.

Update: Sperling’s school has a big problem – and by extension so does Sperling. Because either they’re being defamed online as committing a monstrous breach of ethics, or they have actually committed said breach.

Either way, Sperling is not going to get a degree from a school who’s reputation is worth a damn. If she isn’t kicked out, the damage from this is going to be severe.

Luckily, there is one way of finding ethical people who can change this very quickly.


This post is about Jacqueline (Jackie) Sperling, and is part of an ongoing series discussing her ongoing campaign of harassment and lies against lawyer Madeleine Flannaganlawyer Simon Buckingham, and Ms Brown (her original target for harassment), as well as The Narrative – the alternate reality she presents on her blog in which she pretends to be the victim of her targets. You can read a court decision that outlines her campaign and the court’s assessment of The Narrative herePlease do not place abusive comments on her blog, phone her, or approach her or her family as she will blame this on her victims.


  1. Pretty bold prediction there dude… really confidant or just hopeful?

    Gawd….. when will it all REALLY come out?

    By that I mean is there an avalanche of irrefutable evidence that will come out and put her claims to bed once and for all? Or will this be she said/she said forever and ever?

    1. Hi Dave.

      If you want evidence, the information is all there – just go read the judgement. The judge was seriously unimpressed that Sperling was claiming to be the victim – she isn’t and this is not “she said/she said” – that’s well established. What isn’t well established is whether Sperling met all the criteria for a restraining order.

      Part of my problem is that there’s a lot of material which can’t be blogged. But that’s normal for this situation.

      No, it’s not a bold prediction – at least not by me.

  2. You are going to be sorley disappointed Scu Bone. But thanks for the confirmation from a friend of Madeleine’s that – that is exactly what [Ms Brown] is trying to do.

    I take it that Madeleine also endorses [Ms Brown’s] further harassment of me…

    I love every single thing you write about me Scru – and would like to thank you.

    You have completely alleviated any risk of defamation proceedings by Madeleine for me with your blog posts – which is why she is now having to risk becoming a vexatious litigant by attempting again to bypass defamation law and waste the court’s time with more proceedings that will eventually get dismissed.

    I can assure you – i will not be kicked off my course and i had only been contatced by the head of school because the school wants to offer me support. They have advised me to go to the police. Fortunately – they have experience in dealing with this kind of thing and have assured me that they can see right through [Ms Brown’s] behaviour.

    I am grateful that [Ms Brown’s] has committed this further act of harassment on me.

    I now have all the proof that i need to apply for a harassment order and unlike her – my proof is honest and i will actually succeed.

    Keep blogging Scru Bone. Every time you do – you give me more proof of what absolute nutters i am dealing with.

    Have a great day. I know i will!

    Ps – i get about 3 hits on my blog every time you link to me. Your craziness must have a HUGE following!

    I wish my meeting was today – so that i could start my proceedings against [Ms Brown’s] today. I sure hope the media covers this one!


    1. You blogged about her suicide attempt, offered her suicide note up to anyone who emailed you and published the private note of her young daughter sharing her feelings about it all while you were studying towards being a counsellor and you think no one but Brown had a problem with that?

      Dream on.

      It could have been anyone who told your course’s ethics board that and so they should’ve.

  3. I sincerely hope when i am not “kicked off of my course” as you so hope that i am – because i can assure you that unlike your friends – i do not lie and i am not going to be kicked off but contrary i will have more support while dealing with the harassment that i have been on the receiving end of – that you do every single thing that you have threatened.

    In doing so you will have to come out from behind your anonymous mask and put your name to your insane ramblings and shocking cyber bullying.

    I look forward to that day.

    Have a great day, and weekend – and i will update on Monday!


    1. Commenting on cyber bullying is quite different to committing it Jacqueline. If you want to stop people holding you to account for your lies and bullying, stop doing it.

      With the number of people you have badmouthed on your blog and all over the internet it is unbelievable that you continue to assume only one of those people is behind what you claim to be experiencing. Interestingly, of all your victims, you accuse the one least likely to be the culprit but the one you have treated the most appallingly; considering you admit to knowing of the horrendous crime against her as a child.

      Neither Brown nor Flanagan have posted anything about you; yet you have made well over 50 posts/comments about one or other of them. You have offered no proof of any claim you have ever made (you admit on your own blog that there is no proof) and if you did have any evidence to back up anything you’ve claimed why did you not present it to the judge in the case against you?

      This case has made a most fascinating study.

  4. What is funny Zechariah is that Jackie’s partner David Flewitt, ex lawyer, has apparently told her that Person A going to her place of study and making a true statement about her, (presumably, what kind of counseling student offers up the suicide note of their ex friend to the public?), and the outcome of Person A making that statement is that the place of study does not care that this is “what she needs to get a restraining order.”
    Has Flewitt not read Brown v Sperling?
    When Jackie went to Person B’s place of work and made false statements about Person B, despite the defamatory implications of false statements v true ones, the court said a restraining order was not necessary, despite 15 other acts of harassment haveing been found on the evidence (unlike Miss “until now I have had no evidence’) BECAUSE Person B’s employment was not adversely affected, the waves caused eventually settled.
    Again, has Flewitt not read Brown v Sperling? Nothing is going to happen to Jackie. The statements were true anyway and incredibly justifiably made (defence of lawful purpose, hello) and let’s face it, we’ve all read Jackie’s poison, we’re all concerned to hear that she is training to be a counsellor given how she treats people, her lack of insight and her dishonesty.

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