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Peter George is a regular at both Kiwiblog and The Standard. He’s pretty middle of the road and usually has something very sensible to say.

His last comment on The Standard was no exception.

micky, you may not have noticed but the overwhelming majority of flame wars are one sided attempts, and often with only one aim, to attack me regardless of what I post. If you look just below here I posted something and the usual trolls attacked, and the exact same topic was deliberately re-raised and discussed.

If you want to be an exclusive club of hard lefties that harrasses off anyone you take a dislike to then you need to be more upfront.

He then points out that the blog was supposed to be founded to push the ideas of the bloggers to a wider audience. Fair enough.

The response? We’re sick of you – you’re out of here.

What you seem to fail to understand is that as well as putting up ideas for criticism, there are objectives of the site includes pointing out the flaws of political policies, flawed economics, political idiots, brown-nosing journos, and outright thickheads like yourself. This is because those are also part of the political process, which is something that you seem to prefer that others do not do. Most people around here have long since concluded that is because you hate mirrors….

I’d ask if you get the point, but it is quite apparent that you never do think on what others say. For some reason you appear to think that examining and expressing your own unthinking and often bigoted ideas about the left is a preferable technique to listening to others or actually thinking.

Permanent ban for yet again trying to tell us what we should be doing with the site. I’m tired of it and I really don’t think you’re capable of either learning or holding your end up in any kind of discussion.

Interesting to read the thread myself – I didn’t see a single person who seemed upset by this.

(Oh, and Lynn – if you’re going to come here and express your weird fetish for preaching that The Standard is just a computer program and doesn’t have opinions etc etc – don’t bother humiliating yourself.)


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  2. Meanwhile Lynn has confirmed on Facebook that the major crime which leads to a lifetime ban at The Standard is wasting his time; personal abuse and death threats are fine, but don’t inconvenience the sysop!

    • Hm, well I can see that in some instances, being a time waster is a problem. But Pete isn’t a troll, so that doesn’t apply.

      I do find his sysop comments amusing though. He seems to make very heavy weather of maintaining the site. Perhaps he should move it to and save all the trouble?

  3. He could save some time by making his lectures more concise.

  4. Bystander said:

    Having followed this silly saga with detached but nonetheless amused interest I feel I should point out one glaring error in your post, the illumination of which might help both you and Pete George understand his situation a little better.

    You write: “He then points out that the blog was supposed to be founded to push the ideas of the bloggers to a wider audience. Fair enough.”

    The paraphrasing omits some crucial information. The actual section Pete George quoted said that the blog was founded to push the ideas of labour movement activists to a wider audience. Pete George may be many things, but he’s never going to be mistaken for a “labour movement activist”.

    He may like to think The Standard is some sort of village square where he has a God-given right to stand on a soapbox and promote his own agenda every day but he’s quite wrong about that. It is a privately owned website with a stated purpose, which he is well aware of as he quoted the purpose himself (in the section of his comment that you omitted.)

    Fortunately for Pete George there is the whole rest of the internet for him to play in, including his own websites. I don’t really know why he’s complaining about being shut out of a discussion forum that clearly isn’t suited to him either in principle or in practice, but who knows the mind of a man?

    That’s my 2c on this storm in a c-cup (tits either side), for what it’s worth.

    • What a daft comment. I said “ideas of the bloggers”. Everyone knows that The Standard bloggers are labour union so it’s pretty silly to suggest this is somehow a glaring error.

      I’m not saying that the blog is there for Pete to have a soap box. I would consider Pete to be part of that wider world that they are trying to push their ideas out to.

      Sure, in theory kicking someone out who isn’t ever going to agree does meet the goals of the site, but in reality blogs need good discussion of the ideas therein from a variety of points of view – and you sharpen up your ideas most quickly when you’re justifying them to people who disagree with them entirely.

      • Bystander said:

        I know that, and you know that, and Pete George certainly knows that, but I was trying to read your post with the eyes of someone who couldn’t be assumed to hold all the background information to see how it might come across. I don’t think “the bloggers” could be read as “the labour movement” except from a very specific point of view, but I do see where you were coming from now that you’ve kindly elaborated. It’s interesting how just removing a few key words can render an otherwise obvious statement quite ambiguous.

        As to: “I’m not saying that the blog is there for Pete to have a soap box. I would consider Pete to be part of that wider world that they are trying to push their ideas out to. ”

        That’s moot, as it’s in no way related to the way Pete George ever treated The Standard blog. On the contrary, he explicitly and admittedly used it as a soapbox to push his own agenda, daily, for years.

        I don’t comment there anymore but I do read it regularly as part of my politics addiction therapy, and it’s a hell of a lot more constructive a place since Pete George was lanced, especially in the “open mike” threads.

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