Why Binnie is wrong – from his own report

From page 22 of the report.

The only thing I can reiterate is that these five members of my family were my life. They were part of who I was. We were extremely close. We all loved each other dearly. The last thing that I could possibly have done is to take their lives. I find it difficult hurting an animal, but to take a person’s life, let alone my own family’s life is unimaginable and not only have I served 13 years in prison for doing this,

If that’s not David Bain spinning BS, I don’t know what is. First the nonsense about the loving family – when his defense was that it was anything but.

Then, it was his gun, and part of his defense was that he used it to kill animals. Yet here he is saying that he is such a gentle soul that he wouldn’t hurt a fly.

It’s incredible that he would make those statements to a judge sent to investigate, a judge that would know the facts of the case.

Even more incredible is that the judge actually put it in his report.

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