No, that’s not a documentary

So many things wrong with this:

Ke$ha says fans will see her drinking her own pee in the forthcoming documentary about her life.

Frankly, she can do what she likes.

But I remember a time when a documentary was made because there was already some fact or existing story worth while to document (say, the life of a whale), not something worth while happening because a documentary was filming.

That time doesn’t seem like very long ago. Maybe it was? I do remember the moment documentaries didn’t have to stick to the truth or show any hint of balance – that was thanks to a Mr Michael Moore.

And of course there is the small matter urine drinking not being worth while in the first place. Especially since in this case the act’s purpose seems to be to draw the public to see the documentary.

It may also be my imagination that the media used to ignore cranks and other worthless sorts doing nutty, basically meaningless things. What next? A documentary film crew… actually forget it, I don’t want to give any one any ideas.

One of the reasons I’ve posted less here recently is that I read a comment on today’s society. I believe it was from John Piper. He declared that today we no longer care about the worth-while, about things that take study and disciple to accomplish. Rather, we exalt in the trivial and mundane  in a tweet or Facebook status. Instead of photographing significant achievements, we intstagram what we had for lunch. 

Assuming you can keep it down of course.

I’m still looking for a serious project to apply myself to. We’ll see I guess.

Maybe I’ll make a documentary – a real one.


  1. When they are filming people terminating their own lives, I think drinking a little urine is probably a bit tame. Perhaps she should slash her wrists in public…

    Perhaps we should all turn off our TVs.

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