When will the Coroner’s office decide it’s had enough ridicule?


After investigating the 57-year-old’s death, Smith also found that despite council efforts made to improve the crash site at the Hutt Road and Petone Esplanade intersection, they ”still fall short of making the road safe for cyclists”.

”The intersection is in my view a most dangerous area for cyclists to use, no matter how experienced the riders are.

”Cyclists using this cycle/traffic lane area are literally taking their lives in their hands and a complete rethink and design of this area is required.”

First comment:

“At the time of the crash, Mr Fitzgerald was wearing reflective stripes on his clothing and backpack, and both front and rear lights were working.”

So even though he was wearing reflective clothing and lights and a helmet, the cyclist was still killed, the coroner suggests it should be made compulsary. Why? It wouldnt have made any difference at all in this case…

New Zealand Coroner’s seem to be on a fast track to becoming an object of public ridicule. This is just the latest in a series of ludicrous recommendations, which generally fall under the heading of “label everything in creation that might be considered dangerous”.

Perhaps they need to get out more? Or perhaps they are aliens from outer space?

Who knows. All I know is, they’re happily self-destructing.

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