Quote of the Day – Quick Changes Edition

This quote is making the rounds.‎
“The logic of the sexual revolution continues to play itself out. At each new step, its advocates claim that “of course they are not proposing the legitimation of” whatever it is that is obviously just over the horizon as the logical next step. When their opponents point to the logical next step, those advcoates accuse them of resorting to “scare tactics.” Then, having gained whatever the proximate objective was, they begin the process of legitimating the next step. What you see in the Scientific American article here is the foundation being laid for “the conservative case for polyamory.” Mark my words.” – Robert P. George

The article in question is here.

I think at this point, the concept that conservatives “scaremongering” is absurd. I believe this because I saw how quickly same-sex marriage went from “don’t be ridiculous” to “only bigots oppose this”.

Frankly, any lobby that changes that fast gets no respect from me. This is 1984 stuff – and that’s before we even get into the idea that a government can change the definition of a universal concept like marriage with a wave of the hand. 

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