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Police Chases

In the news:

There are calls for a review of police pursuit policy following a high speed chase that ended with two men in hospital.

Speeds of 180 kilometres an hour were reached in a pursuit near Hamilton last night, moments before the fleeing car crashed.

Suspects John Koteka, 34,  and Alex Tereora, 31, are currently in Waikato Hospital under police guard.

Both men were wanted on warrants following three aggravated robberies on February 17 at the Auckland Domain and Mt Eden.

Now, I heard the other day (but can’t find the story) that any such review would be the 6th such review since 1995. Certainly this 2010 review states it is the 4th in 6 years. What’s that quote again?

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Albert Einstein

Smart guy, that Einstein.

But seriously, is it any wonder why people are killing themselves, when we tell them so often that if they can just go fast enough for long enough, the police will give up?

And why on earth do we persecute the police when criminals kill themselves and put others in harm’s way in the act of breaking the law?

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