DPF has a post about employers who are completely unable to people worth hiring for basic labouring jobs, in spite of having hundreds of applicants.

He blames the education system, and lack of numeracy and literacy. Sadly, the problem shows a certain sickness in our society, not one that can be fixed by just tweaking what is taught in schools.

But it might help if we fixed some really odvious problems.

Such as this one.

Schools are now teaching values. A quick google search comes up with this one:Values are those things that really matter to each of us….the ideas and beliefs we hold as special. The Values need to be understood and practiced regularly in order to become ‘second nature’ through the way we act and behave at APS.

At Alexandra Primary School we are currently focusing on developing the following Values:

– Respect- Integrity- Social Action- Finding Humour

I googled Social Action and got this from Wikipedia:

The basic concept was primarily developed in the non-positivist theory of Max Weber to observe how human behaviors relate to cause and effect in the social realm. For Weber, sociology is the study of society and behavior and must therefore look at the heart of interaction. The theory of social action, more than structural functionalist positions, accepts and assumes that humans vary their actions according to social contexts and how it will affect other people; when a potential reaction is not desirable, the action is modified accordingly. Action can mean either a basic action (one that has a meaning) or an advanced social action, which not only has a meaning but is directed at other actors and causes action (or, perhaps, inaction).

Maybe there’s some meaning in there, but I’m not seeing it. From my experience, this list is pretty typical – a few worthy goals mixed up with bizarre mumbo jumbo and vague platitudes.

Why have self-discipline, honesty, dependability when you can have “finding humour”?

It’s a joke.

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