Quote of the Day – Funny Coincidences Edition

The second group has completely rejected the authority of Scripture and embraced the idol of open theism, a god who changes his mind over time. Not surprisingly, this god seems to change his mind in ways that comport exactly with the secular morality of twenty-first century America.

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  1. In my experience, in NZ, the change was underway during the early 1980’s, though gays were still tolerated rather than their lifestyles embraced by the church I went to. I don’t know how the gays themselves felt about that, but they put on a friendly face. I lost all respect for church activities once rock’n’roll became a suitable medium of worship and haven’t been back. During the early 1990’s some baptist/presbytarian congregations lost the ability to notice the difference between church and its ways and the ways of the outside world. Now funky worship has developed further into cult of personality with the mega-churches. It is unknown what god thinks of it all, but it certainly seems as wrong to me now as it did while I was in my teens. Church isn’t supposed to be funky contagion emotion, it’s a place to be in the presence of god.

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