Bill Maher’s Head Discovers Real World, is Confused (and some stuff on guns)

Bill Maher is a liberal who has a show on US TV. I haven’t seen much of it, but I understand it’s the usual liberal sneering.

Thing is, Bill has long called himself a libertarian. He’s clearly not a libertarian of course. It was always ridiculous, but what’s even more ridiculous is that he’s now trying to explain the difference by claiming that libertarianism somehow changed while he wasn’t looking.

For starters, the fact that he somehow believes libertarianism was ever a movement not predicated on a belief in free market economics is astonishing. The ideology never “morphed” into a free-market “obsession,” as he believes. In fact, the study of markets has always been a fundamental part of the movement, from the Austrian school of economics (F.A. Hayek, Ludwig von Mises) to the Chicago school (Milton Friedman, Gary Becker).

When Maher declared himself a “libertarian” back in 2001, Salon declared it a “joke,” noting that only a handful of his beliefs (specifically in the social issues realm) overlapped with libertarian ideology. His staunch support for the expansion of government over guns, education, business, etc., were all in direct opposition to what libertarians generally believe — and yet, somehow, he bizarrely believes to this day that the movement left him.

Read the whole thing. It’s quite funny.

Oh, and I wonder if anyone has a count on how many times this guy’s run stories on how conservatives are stupid.

In other amusing liberal news, he’s not doing as badly as Mayors Against Illegal Guns. It seems that members of that group are 45 times more likely to commit crimes than permitted Florida gun owners 

Also, check out what law-enforcement has to say about Obama’s gun control ideas.

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