Just a thought on civility

I guess after this week (see here) liberals will be making sure not to suggest that the religious right be more civil?

Yea, me neither.

It doesn’t bother me to be honest. As a conservative, and a Christian, I’ve long become used to being denigrated. Seriously guys, if you do it all the time, people get used to it. And you also run a risk as time goes on that people will notice you planing the man not the ball.

The only question that bothers me is, do they actually believe their own rhetoric? Do they honestly believe that they can call themselves better people while singing and dancing when a political opponent dies after so many years. Do they honestly believe that they’re a good person after telling anyone that they are responsible for their child’s suicide? Do they honestly believe these are ok, while putting targets on a political map is evil*?

Because if they do, that is really quite sad.

HT: John Stringer.

Oh, and one more thought: Isn’t it amazing how much the left hate the rare people who actually managed to make progress in an agenda other than theirs? 

Note to John Key: for better or worse, you’re the man in charge of reversing the leftist agenda in this country. How will they react when you die?


*Of course, they know that because they use targets too.


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