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While Colin Craig has had criticism heaped on him for failing to go with a joke (albeit one that had him theologically incorrect) some people seem incapable, even now, of recognising that not everyone agrees with them.

For those who don’t click the link, suffice to say that Tui again gets it – people ultimately  do not care for the idea of same sex marriage. Sure, many people will stand up and support it, but in the current climate it’s impossible to tell if that’s because they actually do support it or they just go whichever way the wind is going. I mean, no one likes to be called a bigot, not even Whale. The local feminist collective however  is (as always) not amused at the idea that some popular New Zealand icon is, you know, pushing back at their just-implemented-in-law agenda.

As NZ Conservative pointed out the other day, the same web site made noises about educating the public. So if they get their way in that matter, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before the staff at Tui find themselves in a re-education camp class, being told that they must conform with the government’s idea of what marriage is, and to throw out any materials (say, dictionaries or encyclopedias) that say otherwise.

And I’m sure that once that’s done, they’ll need to keep tabs on them. Why not extend the Human Rights Comission’s powers to include followups and monitoring? We’re not talking anything too serious, just regular scanning of email for dissemination of the wrong ideas, monitoring of web searches lest they stray into reading about non-approved ideas, that sort of thing.

Once a few groups get this treatment, soon enough the entire population will get the idea that opposing the new regime is a bad and generally will submit to the idea that the best values are the values that are implemented by the whim of the majority of the house of representatives on any particular day – unless of course they’re based on historical norms and proven to produce good results in which case someone on the left will be along shortly to introduce a bill to change them.

So until such time as the left declares that their agenda is full implemented and the nation is lying in ruins perfect just shut up you nasty homophobe.


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