Stupidity at a glance

Outside of all the other problems with this “heads we win” post from No Right Turn is the curious fact that… well, just read it for yourself. Emphasis mine.

Mighty River Power shares were listed on the stock exchange today, and immediately rose in value. At closing, they appear to have been worth $2.62 – 12 cents up on the government’s price.

The 2.5% will be happy with this – their wealth has increased by $82 million in an afternoon. But the rest of us shouldn’t be. That $82 million is $82 million we’ve been ripped off by. Its $82 million we won’t be able to spend on schools and hospitals because the government deliberately underpriced the shares it was selling to its donors and cronies.

meanwhile, I’m wondering just how many National MPs will be declaring MRP shares on their pecuniary interest declarations next year…

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A conflict of interest

One of the core requirements on New Zealand public servants is political neutrality.

Need I say more? I don’t think I do.

(*as in “heads we win, tales you lose” – Idiot casually announced he’d be pursuing this morally bankrupt method of claiming the moral high ground post-sale earlier in the week.)

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