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Remember that the AP had it’s phone records grabbed without them being told, because the revealed a terror plot?

Well, fair enough you say – if they compromised an ongoing investigation they should be investigated for possible breaches of the law.

Well, here’s the thing: there was no compromise of an investigation. See, the AP was negotiating with the US government on releasing the story. AP was told that the  government  wanted to announce it’s success before AP published the story – a story they’d already been sitting on for days because of the security concerns.

Under these circumstances, it is hard to believe that the AP’s release of the story on Monday threatened national security. In fact, the news organization was explicitly told at that point that it did not. Foiling the ability of the administration to chest-thump is not the same as endangering national security.

Or to put in bluntly: the Obama administration ins harassing journalists for getting in the way of their PR.

When you put this against the various accusations that the Benghazi cover-up was due to the embarrassment it might have caused for the Obama administration (hard to claim a foreign policy success in Libya when your embassy has just been attacked – as opposed to a protest turning violent because of some you-tube video), and the IRS scandal, a very clear picture begins to emerge of a president who has used the levers of power to entrench that power.

Recall with Benghazi, the Hillary Clinton told the families they’d “get the guy” who did it, and promptly arrested Mr Nakoula for his youTube video. That was the guy they said they’d “get” even though he had nothing to do with it. But he was a good scapegoat – easily caught and slaughtered. Seems the guys who actually did the deed aren’t even close to being apprehended (nor is the administration looking keen to get on with that job in spite of it’s promises). Note the PR is taken care of (we “got the guy”) while the security isn’t a priority.

And of course, with the IRS scandal, the Administration called for the head of the IRS. But it turns out, he was leaving anyway. Again, it’s the PR.

Oh, and if you’re not convinced just how bad the IRS issue is, watch this.

Let me bring one more thread in here: this tweet….

TWEET OF THE DAY: “These scandals are so bad that for the first time Obama wants to talk about the economy.”

The joke here is that Obama has created a really bad economy. It’s not recovering. But he was re-elected. Why is that?

It’s not because he had a bang-up second term agenda. In fact, he had no agenda at all until very late in the campaign.

No, he won because he convinced enough of America that Romney was some sort of out-of-touch billionaire who was only out for the rich. That was how he won – smearing his opponent instead of writing policy. In other words, more PR.

And instead of highlighting that, instead of raising alarm bells over how 4 Americans died with assistance within reach, instead of demanding an end to the disasters of Obama’s economic policy, the US media lapped it up and glossed over Benghazi and the economy.

Well congratulations guys, you sucked up to the machine. Now it’s your job to kill it before it kills you.


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