Bush in Africa

Pictures here.

One thing I like about Bush, he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty. Even when he was president he would spend time out on his ranch, clearing brush.

He looks to be really enjoying himself, and frankly looks a lot younger without the cares of the world on his shoulders.



  1. Saw an old media clip about him the other day in which he talked annoyingly about the war on terror (I agreed with his points but not his repetitiveness) and then proceeded to play golf, which made me think that he’s a crony capitalist who doesn’t like to get his hands dirty but rather to revel in the wasteful recreational activities of life while others get their hands dirty trying to achieve his objectives. But I know that he loves his ranch and he does look younger now than when he was President.

    1. If that’s the clip we’ve seen so often, it’s not the WOT he’s referring to – apparently that clip is pre-9/11, the terrorists had bombed someone in Israel.

      But because of such dishonest tactics, Bush actually gave up golf.

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