Zimmerman NOT GUILTY

Legal Insurrection reports in the last few minutes that the jury has come back with a “not guilty” verdict.

Given the evidence, this is by far and away the only verdict that could be described as justice.

Regrettably, most people (including one commenter who keeps returning) have no idea just how bad the case against him was, and the media has largely not reported this. As a result, riots are almost inevitable.

Update: Watching the prosecution team (corrected) on Fox’s live stream. They’re trying to sugar-coat their defeat and their disgusting tactics as some sort of quest for the truth.

The reality is that this case should never have been bought to trial, and never would have had it not been for political interference.

Update 2: Now claiming that she bought the charge that they thought they could prove – that’s utter BS.

Update 3: What?? Reporter asks if they were disappointed that the child abuse thing was thrown out.

Update 4: Making light of Zimmerman’s injuries, then says she isn’t.

Update 5: BLDR claims again that Martin was minding his own business. That’s not what the evidence says.

Update 6: LI says Angela Corey should resign. Very hard to argue with that.

Update 7: Now trying to whitewash their firing the whistle-blower who alerted the defence that they were hiding evidence.

Update 8: Ask for “peace and privacy” but notable absence of mention of Zimmerman’s name in this call. Now the defence team.

Update 9: Read a letter praising the police (didn’t catch who from). Thanked the jury. Ecstatic with the result, only guilty of self-defence. Don West calls prosecution disgraceful. No argument here. Thrilled the jury kept the tragedy from being a travesty. Sad it took this long for justice. Reporter asks about threats to their family.

Question: was this a fair fight? Wasted a lot of time mucking them around with discovery, held up trial by 6 months. Was David and Goliath, vastly out-funded.

Update 10: Via instapundit: “So a Hispanic shoots a black and is acquitted by women, but it’s still white men’s fault.”



  1. Not the first time an American jury has let a murderer walk, and it won’t be the last. Odd that conservatives are so happy about this one though.

    1. Again, your choice not to examine the reports of the case. But don’t come here and pretend your ignorance of the facts amounts to anything other than ignorance on your part.

  2. Facts are pretty clear. White guy follows, harasses, shoots and kills unarmed black boy and walks. But hey, O J was acquitted too right?

    1. Wow, Zimmerman isn’t white, following isn’t illegal, he didn’t harass, he was attacked and it was clearly only as a last resort that he pulled the trigger.

      You don’t get your own facts.

  3. They’re not facts, they’re conservative talking points. Big difference.

    1. Zimmerman is Hispanic.
      The prosecution stated in their closing that following Martin was not illegal.
      I don’t even know where you get the idea there was harassment – point to the evidence, it’s all online.
      As is the fact that he was calling for help for 70 seconds before he finally pulled the trigger, having sustained a beating by a larger and stronger young man who was sitting on top of him.

  4. “Zimmerman is Hispanic.”

    Doesn’t mean he’s not white.

    “The prosecution stated in their closing that following Martin was not illegal.”

    Never said it was.

    The rest of your summary of so-called facts is in dispute, incomplete and almost certainly false. Zimmerman killed, with the gun he was carrying, the only other actual eye-witness, remember?

    1. Again (sigh) if you’d followed the evidence you’d know that the eye and ear witnesses testified to facts that were consistent with Zimmerman’s story – even state witnesses.

      Are you seriously saying that Martin being taller and stronger than Zimmerman is in dispute? Are you seriously suggesting that he did not sustain a beating?

      No, I don’t believe you are. You are trolling. Bye.

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