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But rather than apologize to Holloway for their children’s behavior, some parents have contacted their lawyers to see what legal action they can take against the former Patriots and Raiders offensive lineman, local affiliate ABC News 10 reported.

“Parents have threatened me,” Holloway, a three-time Pro Bowler and Super Bowl XX veteran, told ABC News. “Your kids are in my house breaking and stealing my stuff and you are mad at me because I posted pictures that they took and posted themselves of them partying and tearing things up?”

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It’s incredible that, in this day and age we have parents who not only have their children running amok (that’s happened throughout history), but are prepared to go to court to stop someone from pointing out their public boasting that they are doing so.



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  1. paul scott said:

    Yes, I once had a bunch of boys coming onto a commercial property, they thought it was fun to light fires there and they were quite willing to threaten me. I had to live on the property quite some weeks and watch my step all the way.
    I watched one of the kids go home, and saw his parents. It was worse than a waste of time I actually had to make deals with these little thugs in the making. This was in the Cashmere area, Christchurch, well to do spoiled little upstart brats.

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