Reminder: crazy people come from all sides

I’m sure everyone remembers the succession movements that sprung up after Obama was re-elected.

Well, we now a good example of craziness from the American left.

To date over 50,000 people have signed a petition calling for the prosecution of the house GOP leadership to be tried for sedition. In other words, if you oppose Obama, you must be committing a crime.

Legal Insurrection thinks this is a case of people showing the tyrant within. That’s probably true, but I think it simply shows that in any population, you’ll always find people who will put their partisan politics above all common sense. 

I mean, the Communist League candidate in the Auckland Mayoral election received 849 votes. And that’s just the people who didn’t vote strategically! 

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  1. yes, good graph, the forecast is 21 trillion public debt when he leaves Office. That means Obama will have overseen a doubling of the debt from 10.6 trillion to 21 trillion.
    Apparently this equals their GDP. Its %US 50,000 for every man woman and child in USA.

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