Labour Supporters, Foul-mouthed and racist

This is the sort of comment which Labour apparently allows on David Cunliffe’s Facebook page.


Not only swearing, but hateful attacks the Salvation Army. Would they allow people to talk like that about, say, Islam?

Then, I noticed this:


I left that last one in there for irony.


  1. yes, I found the violent language on the “Standard” nearly frightening. Of course they ban anyone with opposing views , so I was not there for long.
    It was most unusual. Normally women do not use violent language, but over there well they are just all c…nts

  2. The Salvation Army is better equipped than the Government to tackle this issue, given that the Government entered into the deal with SkyCity and attached an unconstitutional 35 year compensation clause to it. What do people want? To award the contract to the private sector? That will work. Yeah, right.
    Despite the funding given to the Salvation Army by the Government, the Salvation Army remains politically neutral but does release an annual State Of The National report by Campbell Roberts, which is better to read, more informed, and more open and honest and real than most of the recommendations that come from places such as the Law Commission.
    Nor does the Salvation Army foist its religious beliefs on the people that they help. When you get a food parcel or help with clothing, furniture, or other items, no religious activities ensue at any time and you are not handed any leaflets unless you want them, nor are you invited to church unless you express an interest in church or in any of the other groups that the Salvation Army runs.

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