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This wee lad isn’t yet 5 but he’s spent “months” in pain.

A Christchurch dentist’s last-minute change of heart has spared a preschooler six months of “excruciating” tooth pain.

Zander Loper, 4, had been waking up at night screaming in pain …

He was facing a six-month wait for two fillings at Christchurch Hospital, where the procedure could be done with an anaesthetist.

However, after inquiries from Fairfax Media, he was admitted for treatment at Halswell Dental Centre.

“It’s so hard to see your child in pain,” Zander’s mother Ingrid Loper said.

“Why should you have to wait that long to get a simple procedure done?”

About a week ago, Zander was in “excruciating pain” and had to be admitted at the hospital for a night, Loper said.

The doctor prescribed ibuprofen and antibiotics three times a day and codeine for when the pain became unbearable.

“I’m not happy about giving my kid that amount of medication every day,” she said.

When Loper complained to the hospital dentist, she was told there were worse cases on the list, such as “kids with teeth falling out and children having to be on pain relief constantly”.

Halswell Dental Centre treated Zander earlier this year. They gave him a liquid sedative to extract one of his teeth.

Manager Andrea Campbell said Zander had spat out some of the liquid. He was still sedated enough for the procedure to go ahead but had been agitated.

Sounds all very well, but the real problem is that the kid is… well, a brat.

When he needed a filling, the dental centre tried to do an X-ray but he would not sit still.

The dentist said he would need an anaesthetist and referred Zander to the hospital.

The quality of parenting in this country is appalling, and getting worse at an alarming rate. It’s tempting to blame this on the anti-smacking law, but that only exacerbated an already bad situation.

In this case, we have a child that won’t sit still for the 3 minutes needed for a simple x-ray, leading to fairly serious consequences. A child should be able to sit still for considerably longer than that. It appears that the parent in this situation is more interested in decrying the behaviour of the adults involved – which is curious, because I’ll bet that anyone who could study through a dentist’s degree could sit still considerably longer than 3 minutes when they were 4 years old.

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