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A good summary of Little

Saw this on Kiwiblog just now.

Too be fair, I think we under-estimate Andrew Little at our peril.

Sure, he’s a charisma free zone. And he can’t win his own electorate. And I don’t want a Prime Minister who’s a dour grump.

But he’s got a lot more backbone and determination than his last 3 predecessors. Goff is a conniving back-stabber who wasn’t trusted by his caucus. Shearer is a mumbler who didn’t have enough experience in the House to be leader. And Cunliffe is an out-and-out fantasist and egotist.

Little won’t be talked into holding up dead fish in the house. And he doesn’t have a big swelled head that will turn people off. He’s not smarmy.

What I expect he will do is smack heads together at Labour HQ, strong-arm the dead wood into leaving, and put some structure and consistency into areas like policy.

The writer goes on to suggest that he won’t be able to unite the factions. That, I disagree with. Little has made a solid start, and that’s going to attract support and unity. No one in Labour wants a repeat of the last two elections, and I strongly suspect that a few egos will be kept under control while the party gets back into power.


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