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Hey, looks like the blog is still here. Didn’t even need remember my password.

Maybe I’ll start posting again.

I’ve had a rest and a break for a few years. Things that have happened while I’ve been gone:

  1. WordPress changed it’s interface a bit.
  2. National won an election on election night but lost in the negotiation… along with most of NZ by the looks
  3. People started talking about “safe spaces”, and “trigger warnings” have gone from being something you only saw on the most ridiculous feminist blogs to being fairly common (on University campuses anyway) to something mocked and derided.
  4. The number of “genders” has ballooned, and no one is actually prepared to say how many there might be.
  5. I attended a course on writing better. It didn’t take much.
  6. Trump decided to run for president and was elected.
  7. Hillary didn’t become president
  8. The world went crazy, we seem to be in the middle of the biggest mass-hysteria event in history, by several orders of magnitude.
  9. I became less partisan… sort of.
  10. Gateway Pundit, a blog I used as a source until I realised the guy didn’t care one whit about the truth, became rather large.
  11. A lot of the people I used to follow on twitter joined me in not liking Trump, then split into two camps – “better than Hillary” and “go away”. Like literally – two have blocked me in the last couple of days
  12. Jordan Peterson, and misrepresenting him, became a thing
  13. I did a big overseas trip to… not telling, but it was totally epic.
  14. Scott Adams become the best person in the world at predicting and explaining the actions of the US president, something no one else seems to grasp
  15. I became a big you-tube user. Not all politics either – everything from engineering and science to history and audio-books. Also, this guy. I mean, it was one of those phone apps which I threw into a big of stuff I never used… and then suddenly it became one of my most-used apps.
  16. I’ve followed hogewash pretty much, and the lawsuits that have happened there. Some interesting stuff, and at times you have to despair about the courts.
  17. I’ve commented from time-to-time on Kiwiblog. It’s not what it used to be, but I still find some good insights there now and then.

Well, we’ll see what happens from here.


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  1. John White said:

    Well I just saw this pop-up in my Feedly feed as I’ve kept most of the old blogs that “closed” down. It was interesting when suddenly appeared in my feed and it was someone called Roger Dougy.

  2. Welcome back.

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