Quote of the Day – Trump

Via Instapundit

[Trump is] a symptom of how rottenly dysfunctional our sorry political class is. Take away Trump and they’re just as awful and destructive. He just brings their awfulness to the fore, where it’s no longer ignorable. Now they’re willing to play with fire, risking the future of the polity over little more than hurt feelings, in a way that would have been unthinkable not long ago. [He is] not the cause of Washington’s decline. He’s a symptom, the wrecking ball that many Americans think was required.

lot of people don’t get this – the fact that Trump was very deliberately chosen because of, not in spite of, his disruptive nature.

Which is weird, because it hasn’t exactly been a great secret.

Of course that’s not the only reason he was chosen – free publicity had an awful lot to do with it. But that publicity just demonstrated he was what people wanted. And they wanted disruption, now cooperation.

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