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A federal judge’s case dismissal is getting some attention because of an apparent note-to-self that didn’t get removed from the published order.

The writer was apparently dissatisfied with a statement summarizing the requirements for a false advertising claim. The parenthetical on page 11 reads: “(Meh I need a better rule statement than this.)”.

U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel of San Diego signed the Feb. 5 order, but one of Curiel’s law clerks likely wrote the “meh” phrase, according to the Recorder.

Back when I was studying, there was a story about a bunch of honors year students demonstrating their software engineering project for the year. With all the students and staff watching, they initiated the program, and the code started executing.

Now, these projects were major efforts, involving several small teams working together over the course of months. A lot of code.

And in this case something went wrong. Who knows what it was, but it was deep within the program where things went wrong.

Thus resulting in the sole error message, long forgotten by an unimportant remember of the team in some obscure function.

“It’s F***ked”

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  1. I worked on software many years ago and it had the usual F1 for help screens. This help even worked on the main menu. One release went out where the message said “If you need help here you are totally F**king useless”. Management were not impressed but we all thought it was so funny. The poor bloke who got hauled over the coals had quite a few beers bought for him. Seems he was showing someone how to edit the help file and did not realise he had saved the changes. Of course we all blamed it on the QA team that did not test the help files. 🙂

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