The Christchurch Mosque Shootings

This blog has, at times, been described by some haters as an “anti-muslim hate blog”.

Well, it’s not. Never has been. I am anti-radical Islam, and more specifically, the terrorism which only-too-often results from it. Isis. Al Qaeda (remember them?), Islamic Jihad, Hamas, etc etc. Murdering babies, not cool. Kidnapping, not cool. And I know that Islam in many parts of the world had produced violence even outside of formal terrorist groups – I know this because I know people who have literally fled Islamic countries in fear of their lives.

But in spite of all that, I condemn, without equivocation, the mass murder that happened yesterday in Christchurch.

A few randomish points, which may or may not be more coherent when published and may or may not be inspired by arguments on twitter tonight:

  1. It’s never up to us, as private individuals to take the law into our own hands. Even if there was a real threat, even if there was ample evidence, even if the evidence was ignored by the government, this still would have been immoral.
  2. But there was no evidence. Just a small group of people scumbags who decided that, of all the mosques in the world, they’d attack those in Christchurch.
  3. The scumbags were part of our society. We can’t deny their existence. They lived here, and participated, and thought that they could manipulate us into fighting each other. They were wrong. But they didn’t get that idea from nowhere. There’s been far too much hatred of immigrants in this country, and I place much of that blame at the feet of Jacinda Ardern. You cannot blame the country’s problems on immigrants and then turn and smile when you don’t need the votes. She’s a disgrace.
  4. So I won’t be putting up a “this isn’t us” graphic. This is us. It’s ugly.
  5. This was too personal for me. My wife and children were stuck in lock-down this afternoon. One child spent the entire time under a desk. They were safe, but after a while, it started to sink in.
  6. I literally went to go out the door and it wouldn’t open. I litearlly had to say to myself “oh yea, that’s the door I locked in case the terrorist reported nearby walked in”.
  7. I almost found myself in Christchurch hospital today. By God’s grace I wasn’t there. I mean, literally the circumstances where that didn’t happen are nuts. I was literally saying to myself “well, that’s clearly a sign from God, wtf is happening”? Then… terrorist attack. Oh, that’s why…
  8. At tea, we prayed and while I, as a Christian, believe that Islam is false and worse, I literally pray that God’s live would be with the victims here. I can disagree with these people’s religion, and hate the radical strains of it, while still praying for their healing. And redemption. If there’s a call for volunteers to help clean up the mosques, I will try to be there (see 7).
  9. Some people might find that inconsistent. I find reality inconsistent, and I find myself more and more walking a wandering line, trying to stay away from extremes and falsehood. I’ve felt a trifle lost politically recently, I’m a reasonable person (or try to be) and so many are happy to be unreasonable. And sometimes what is reasonable is regarded as unreasonable by a majority.
  10. It was really weird having to work out who on my twitter was arguing about an issue from America. Never had Americans arguing with me about a NZ even before…
  11. (More) NZ was never “immune” from this stuff. We were never “safe”. People can do bad things at any time, and the means will always be there. If he couldn’t get guns, he could have thrown a can of petrol in and locked the doors. Gun laws aren’t protection, size isn’t protection. Invariably, sooner or later people will go out and kill. That’s the price of living free.
  12. Hillary Barry seems very keen to censor the internet. Back a few years ago, I might have been for that. I know better now. If Ben Shapiro can be regarded as a “hate merchant” then the label of “hate” has no meaning and can be used to ban or intimidate anyone that’s disliked. That’s not free speech. And free speech is one of our most important values in a western liberal society.

I guess I’ll add more to this. Maybe later. It’s 2:30am…. so … yea.


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