Please don’t abort your child

As a result of some disagreements on twitter today, I repeat this offer I have made many times on this blog.

My wife and I have a standing offer to adopt or care for any baby that would otherwise be aborted in New Zealand.

This offer is 100% serious.

Should I be unable to, or my charming personality doesn’t appeal to you, I am also 100% certain that I can find other Christians who can step up. I’ve lived across this country, and I know plenty of people and they know many more people who would be honored to save a life in this way.

Please don’t abort your child. I know that people get pregnant by accident. I know that pregnancy is inconvenient. But please, don’t let the idea of raising a child be the difference between killing that baby and letting him/her live. Others are totally willing to provide a home, and take that great responsibility and cost off your hands, in exchange for saving a life.

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