Interesting article on movies

Found this on What I found interesting was that lots of anti-Christian and anti-American movies have been made but they haven’t made much money in comparison to the ones that have a more morally sound/non-anti American storyline.  It just goes to show what people would rather pay to see!  Just maybe Americans are proud… Continue reading Interesting article on movies


For all you blogging men out there, here is vid on Movember: And here’s a couple of websites too: Don’t ask me why I am telling you this.  It just seems like only yesterday that guys were talking about Movember – but that was last year!  Time flies…

Sexual messages harming NZ Children

This, from The Epoch Times, was rather disturbing but not all that surprising: According to Times Online , dolls and toys bought 10 years ago for the 8-10 year age bracket are now being sold to children under six, and older children now prefer items previously sold to adolescents and teenagers. …Bratz dolls and celebrity… Continue reading Sexual messages harming NZ Children

Sure lets “kill the bill”…

but no matter what the outcome, there will still be people in this world far worse off than us!  Child sex slavery in South East Asia has recently been brought to my attention. Check out this website: and watch this video We should certainly help abolish child sex slavery, don’t you think?

Yet another reason to boycott the 2008 Beijing Olympics

to go with the thousands already out there! “In his prison, Cai was forced to make soccer 10 to 12 hours a day for the 2008 Beijing Olympics,” said a CAA spokesperson. For the full story on Cai Zhuohua visit ASSIST News Service Also have a look at the new version of the Olympic Rings:… Continue reading Yet another reason to boycott the 2008 Beijing Olympics