2014 Blogosphere Political Compass

If I did this again, would anyone contribute? If so, go to the TVNZ site and either: Email the results to yourself, and then to me [<youknowwho>@gmail.com] Share it to twitter and then tweat it to me – ScruboneHD I’ll stick all the results in a database, and produce some nice graphs or something…

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7 Years

              Seems it’s been 7 years since I started this blog.

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Sorry about the RSS Feed

Those who follow this blog via RSS will have noticed that I’ve republished a number of my oldest posts. This is an unintended consequence of a little project I’ve had in mind for some time, and have put off until now of going through all my posts and properly tagging them. Currently, the tags only… Continue reading Sorry about the RSS Feed

Tidy up in progress

Well, as readers may have noticed, things have been quiet around here for a while. As part of that, I seem to have neglected to keep my widgets up-to-date and this has given some visitors the impression that this blog is obsessed with certain things which it really isn’t. It also seems that by keeping… Continue reading Tidy up in progress

On Twitter

Like Patterico said last year, I finally “get” twitter. See here. As I noted previously “ScrubOne” is taken, so as per my YouTube account, I am “@ScrubOneHD“. Hmph. I already have one (spam) follower. That’s just wrong.

A Blogger, a Blog

I need a corporal. You’re it, until you’re dead or I find someone better. Jean Rasczak, Starship Troopers Blog Stats Total views: 233,774 Totals Posts: 3,754 Comments: 2,874 Categories: 92 Tags: 566 SpamAkismet has protected your site from 106,698 spam comments. Searches for the last 30 days. Search Views irony 329 the thinker 269 thinker… Continue reading A Blogger, a Blog

It’s over, for now.

Well, I’ve decided to shut up shop – for a while anyway. I need to focus on other things, and to do that I need to stop spending so much time here. Thanks for reading.

NZ Political Bloggers Political Spectrum Chart Still being Updated

For those who are interested, I am still happy to add people to the NZ Political Bloggers Political Spectrum Chart. I’ve also added in many of the missing links, after being interrupted half way through the job months back. Please note! The quiz is this one. In hindsight, this one is more popular and we… Continue reading NZ Political Bloggers Political Spectrum Chart Still being Updated

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