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Well, I’ve finally got the blog icon working – in a good browser it should be showing right beside the url. Here’s the larger version It references the “under construction” signs that you used to see on every website in the mid to late 90’s, but forms the letter “H”, for Halfdone.

April Halfdone NZ Blog Stats

While there’s no difference in the post, this month we have moved from the hampsters (which were getting tired) to the new Hampstinator(TM). It’s a lot faster, and has a couple of other improvements which have given me time to check the numbers more thoroughly this month, and pick up a few missing authorities. To… Continue reading April Halfdone NZ Blog Stats

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March Halfdone NZ Blog Stats

Very late I know, but it seems some people are still interested! 🙂 To be included, blogs must contain posts on topics of interest to the general public. For a more detailed criteria list, see July.

Blog Rankings

Ok, so I guess no one’s missed the blog rankings. After last month’s farce, I decided that there were a few aspects that needed tidying up. One issue is that there are a number of blogs that are simply not there anymore – gone. I’ve now gone through the “defunct” blogs and discovered about 40… Continue reading Blog Rankings

It’s always the last, stupid thing you try!

Gr. Youtube has been doing funnies on my computer over the last couple of days. Any page on their site was showing as text only, with an image showing instead of the video. In blogs, there’d be thing big blank where the video should be. I tried everything. Flushing cache, reinstalling flash (multiple times), different… Continue reading It’s always the last, stupid thing you try!

Theme Changed

Saw there was a new theme on, so I thought I’d try it.

Be assured…

…things are not getting worse. Kiwi pundit was getting sick of No Right Turn way back in 2004. I used to read NRT because there were no other decent left-wing NZ blogs out there. Now there are several so I no longer need to hold my nose and wade through his rhetorical sewer. I feel… Continue reading Be assured…

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