Spam on the Blog

For those spamming this blog: I will continue to delete your spam, and if you continue I will take measures to stop it complete. Don’t bother.

Stats so Far

Well, it’s been 10 days or so since blogging began proper. During that time, we’ve put out over 60 blogs, some more substantial that others. Hits to date, ignore the last one, it’s today “so far”.

YAH! For the Weekend!

I’m so glad that the weekend is here. I have entered relaxation mode. Even though there is one hundred and one things to do, ’tis all a haze. It’s quite good really:) Some tunes to boogie down to over the weekend and beyond.

Some stuff I intend to blog on in future

In no particular order VSM Feminism People who make assumptions, especially about conservatives, and human nature in general How I became a conservative Human Rights Smacking & section 59 (big one this one) Terri Shiavo (ditto) Might say something about Church Affairs, Church history might also come up Appeasment of bad people, why do people… Continue reading Some stuff I intend to blog on in future


I’m kinda newish to this blogging stuff, but I can see why you can get hooked on to it. ScrubOne has certainly been a busy boy with all the posts he’s done so far! I doubt I’ll ever get that diligent. However, Realising that ScrubOne intends to keep his blogs serious and for others to… Continue reading NB:

The Opening Post

ScrubOne today opened his new blog announcing “this time I’m not going to pretend that it’ll work”. Sources say many of the articles will be written as though they are from the newspaper or press releases. Speculation is that “ScrubOne” finds this easier than formulating thoughts in a more meaningful fashion. Critics immediately started surrounding… Continue reading The Opening Post