Break Time

I’ve decided to take a break. I expect that this will involve me not posting for a few days, then some light blogging after that. But we’ll see – I might close up the shop for good. Maybe I’ll move to a proper site. Who knows. I’ve often struggled with blogging. I’ve found the conflict… Continue reading Break Time

Not on Twitter

Well, I thought I’d sign up to twitter to prevent my username from being taken, but it seems I am too late. So just for the record, it’s not me. I’m tempted to change my name though… Edison Oruerio sounds quite exotic and mysterious :).


Just going through my “Uncategorized” posts and accidental published one of my drafts. Apologies to Ken who took the time to respond – quite right to wonder what my point was! On the plus side, 4.5 pages of post listings now have a semi-meaningful category.

One day…

Well, I officially declare this week a disaster zone re: blogging. First, my Monday post pointing out the comment that I am an “abuser Inuit people” (I join Tom Hanks in Saving Private Ryan in describing this as “disconcerting”) got lost. Next, where the heck did my pre-posted Wednesday poll go? Finally, shortly before midnight… Continue reading One day…

Halfdone is changing

I’ve been finding that I’ve spent too much time on posting lately. Even if I’m not posting, I’m spending too much time reading other blogs which distracts from what I should be doing throughout the day. So, after some consideration I’ve decided to change my personal priorities. Mainly, this will mean that I won’t be… Continue reading Halfdone is changing

Not blogging

Told wife that I would not blog tonight, so I’m not. Oops, she just saw me.

No Posts

I’d like to post on a great many things, including the disgusting behavior of certain Invercargillians, but I don’t have time. I’m sure you all can manage 🙂

Tagline Changed

I’ve changed the tagline – once again inspired from Sideswipe. I was going to use the “Cherish the cloth grass” quote, but then I read the tomato thing again and was reminded how often being on the right is like that – perfectly reasonable, but hated by so many people who don’t bother to think… Continue reading Tagline Changed