Site Meter Added

Well, I was going to wait to 100,000 views but we’re close enough at 98,214. Hopefully I can now get a better idea of traffic on the blog… views aren’t really a good measure. Though it does give me some idea – last month we had 10,400 which is almost double our previous high, which… Continue reading Site Meter Added

Comments Policy

If you are going to comment on this blog, you are welcome. However… If you are going to call me an idiot, making a good case will give your comment a better chance of being retained I have little time for swearing Even less for those that can’t spell said swear words I have no… Continue reading Comments Policy

Thanks for the Links

Thanks to those who have commented and/or linked to the “Offensive Content” pages. It really makes a difference. I’m not doing these things gradually, rather in spurts, so getting great comments really helps me get motivated to take another chunk off what is a massive task that I have set myself.

Poll Test

Looks like wordpress has a poll feature now. Let’s test that. (Sticky post – new content may be below)

New Record

Well, yesterday we had 479 views. This was mainly because of several people linking in Kiwiblog comments to our “Offensive Content” page. Which is funny, because I just posted the new version.


Well, I havn’t done a stats post for a while, so the occasion of a new monthly record is as good as any. Funny how after the dip in December (where posting was very light) things have grown at such a steady rate. Hm. Other stats: 2,349 posts, 93 categories 442 tags 1,382 comments approved… Continue reading Stats

Halfdone beats Rush Limbaugh

Heh, just typed “tasergate” into google. My post makes the first page, and is ranked higher than Rush Limbaugh’s site. Not every day one can use that headline 🙂

Over at NZ Conservative

Well, I’m over at the Friday Night Free For All hosted by 禅宗虎 (Zentiger), along with 存货二 (inventory2) and 爸爸四正义 (Dad4justice).