That’s Twice

What’s worse than being pregnant, drunk and caught driving? Doing it twice, and escaping from CYFS custody to do it. Child Youth and Family has grave concerns for a pregnant 14-year-old girl who has escaped from its care. The teenager has been caught twice over the past week for allegedly drink-driving in Whangarei. She was… Continue reading That’s Twice

Kiro – I question her validity

WhaleOil has a great letter and response from Cindy Kiro. This letter appears to be part of a campaign against my office by extremist religious political lobby group Family First as it quotes liberally from the most recent Family First newsletter. For this reason I question the letter’s originality and validity. Fancy that. Well, let’s… Continue reading Kiro – I question her validity

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Corrections (Mothers with Babies) Amendment Bill 56-2 (2006), Members Bill

Just a reminder, that Sue Bradford is still pushing her bill to have mother keep their babies in jail. (thanks to NRT for the tip) Apparently it’s ok to remove a child from a parent if that parent is found not guilty. But if that parent is guilty the child gets to stay with the… Continue reading Corrections (Mothers with Babies) Amendment Bill 56-2 (2006), Members Bill

Family First Responds

Bob McCoskrie has responded to Cindy Kiro’s recent statements about Family First. The Children’s Commissioner Cindy Kiro seems to be attempting to discredit Family First, but her comments are factually inaccurate. Family First has never commented on this case (although we are aware of the history of the family), and based on the facts reported,… Continue reading Family First Responds

Snatching Babies

It used to be that babies were snatched by desperate mothers, jealous of others who were able to have children while they were not. Nowadays, it’s the government that does it. In Britain they don’t even stay within the law sometimes. Baby “G’s” distraught mother wept as a court ordered he should be taken away… Continue reading Snatching Babies

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CYFS… Protecting People?

This struck me as a bit odd: The five and six-year-old girls were taken by their father Jamahl Schou, also known as Jamahl Ake, from their Child, Youth and Family (CYF) caregiver in the Tauranga suburb of Brookfield on Wednesday. Bay of Plenty police believe the Girls are staying with either extended family or associates… Continue reading CYFS… Protecting People?

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Complaint Upheld, 3 Dismissed

Goodness, where do we start with this one! How about from the start: TV3’s Campbell Live has been ordered by the Broadcasting Standards Authority (BSA) to air a statement about exploiting a boy whipped by his mother with a riding crop. Nice, working in the word “whip” there, while actually telling the truth about the… Continue reading Complaint Upheld, 3 Dismissed