Seperate section for Kids?

Spotted this on Stuff. Nealy 60 per cent of travellers would like children to be contained to a “families only” section on flights, according to a survey by price-comparison site Skyscanner. Not surprisingly, non-parents were the biggest supporters of the idea, with just 8 per cent of those surveyed arguing that families should be able… Continue reading Seperate section for Kids?

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“I don’t have an answer to that.”

Well, that speaks volumes. After suddenly becoming “certain” that his partner killed his babies, Chris Kahui has suddenly developed memory issues. Coroner Garry Evans, clearly exasperated by two days of murmured, monosyllabic answers, began questioning Mr Kahui. “Any normal parent would take the babies to the hospital. Why did you not act like a normal… Continue reading “I don’t have an answer to that.”

Another Smacking Review

From Family First’s Email… [or, via twitter, the release] Family First NZ says that the latest police statistics on the anti-smacking law trivialize the real impact of the anti-smacking law and fail to reflect the widespread confusion over the effect of the law, the impact on parenting and parental authority, the continued opposition to the… Continue reading Another Smacking Review

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Sue Bradford claims knowledge that doesn’t exist, Barnardos has “resources”!

Seems that someone just twigged that Nigel Latta tells parents to lock their children in their rooms for timeout. Which is funny, because it strongly suggests that certain “child advocates” weren’t watching when those comments were broadcast to the nation. But former Green MP Bradford, whose anti-smacking bill afforded children the same legal protection from… Continue reading Sue Bradford claims knowledge that doesn’t exist, Barnardos has “resources”!

The quick summary of the Investigate Article on the Latta Review

Having read the actual Investigate article twice, the cases seem to boil down to the following: Family first announce that a parent has been prosecuted for smacking. Latta looks up the case in CYFS files and discovers other accusations. Doesn’t check the court documents, as he considers these to be irrelevant. Declares he has more… Continue reading The quick summary of the Investigate Article on the Latta Review

Take wall, apply head

Sometimes you just want to bash your head against the wall. This post from Idiot is one of those. …The effects of the ASBO in this case seem to be to increase the penalty above that legislated by Parliament, while also lowering the standard of evidence required to impose it. So we’re not just seeing… Continue reading Take wall, apply head

Greens on the Rule of Law

Seems that the Green Party do like the rule of law. There are many views on rule of law  but “characteristics of generality, equality, and certainty” are common to most definitions. … Another view of rule of law is that “a society in which government officers have a great deal of discretion has a low… Continue reading Greens on the Rule of Law

So… what happened 5 years ago?

It was interesting watch the Bus driver story on Campbell live last night. The driver specifically mentioned that in the last 5 years children’s behavior had gotten significantly worse. Whereas children previously would listen and act, now they have to “consider” if they’ll change their behavior, if they listen at all. Hm, I wondered what… Continue reading So… what happened 5 years ago?