Sue Bradford On National Radio – Section 59

Sue Bradford debated Judith Collins on National Radio this morning. Sue Bradford opened with a veiled threat against the Dunedin study, implying that they should keep out of politics. But of course they should, they disagree with her. All the groups that have swung in behind her are a-ok. Kathryn Ryan then pointed out it… Continue reading Sue Bradford On National Radio – Section 59

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Reporting Self-Evident Facts can be Dangerous

This mornings Hearld’s front page story: Smacking Doesn’t Harm Children. Quick check of other blogs reveals Adolf picked this up at 6:39 am. On Saturday morning?!? My reaction to this report is a sinking heart. Why? We already knew this. A generation ago everyone was smacked, those people are now fully functional members of society.… Continue reading Reporting Self-Evident Facts can be Dangerous

Michael Drake on Section 59

An excerpt that caught my attention: The letter was dated 24 August 2005 and signed “Dr Cindy Kiro, Children’s Commissioner.” It’s message was clear: I don’t know what you’ve done; please send me a copy of what your school gave to parents so that I can know what I have been publicly criticising you for.… Continue reading Michael Drake on Section 59

Section 59

Explanatory note on the bill: … Presently, section 59 of the Crimes Act 1961 acts as a justification, excuse or defence for parents and guardians using force against their children where they are doing so for the purposes of correction and the force used is reasonable in the circumstances. The Bill will repeal that provision.

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Section 60

We all know about section 59 of the crimes act. Sue Bradford is very fond of telling us that children are the only group not protected from assault under the law. Wrong! Welcome to section 60. Seem’s Mia’s just discovered it 🙂 Updated: Found one, but not quite what I was after. “The Green Party… Continue reading Section 60