If LMC says you’re delusional…

  Note: I have reviewed some of what I have said on this topic, and I am not too proud to concede that this post is unsatisfactory in hindsight – too long on insults and too short on exposing lies. However, I have written it so I will leave it up. All I ask is that people read the… Continue reading If LMC says you’re delusional…

Cyber Harassment and Jacqueline Sperling

  It’s about time someone fisked Jacqueline Sperling**. So here goes. I find it rather amusing that after threatening me, assuring me that “we WILL win” and then wishing God’s “sword of vengeance to be meted out on me” through our justice system -that Madeleine Flannagan can now claim to be happy with losing this… Continue reading Cyber Harassment and Jacqueline Sperling

Shock: Actual Journalism contradicts lynch mob on Zimmerman

The other day I said: The only reason we even know about this case is because some people decided out of their own bigitory that this must have been a racial killing. Basically, it was painted as a self-appointed white tea-party republican patrolling the streets. We now now that he was in fact not self-appointed, was not white,… Continue reading Shock: Actual Journalism contradicts lynch mob on Zimmerman

Zimmerman did in fact have a head injury

One of the most bizare parts of the Zimmerman/Martin case has been the way that those who believe that Martin was lynched have seized on minor, inclusive details to “prove” their case. To be more specific: Zimmerman said “f**king p???” in the 9/11 tape. This indecipherable word is apparently proof that Zimmerman was saying something racist (the word “coons”).… Continue reading Zimmerman did in fact have a head injury

Death Penalty

The Death Penalty – apparently it’s bad. Today, October 10, is the world day against the death penalty. New Zealand finally abolished the death penalty over 20 years ago, but 58 countries still retain it. Today is the day we work to change that. Yes, you can no longer be executed if you commit a… Continue reading Death Penalty

So what’s their case?

How can you have someone up for contempt of court, when a newspaper has already published all the relevant details? I don’t see Mike Antunovic chasing the ODT, what gives? I’m unconvinced that this guy should be “named and shamed” (he was after all found not guilty and his son has some severe credibility issues)… Continue reading So what’s their case?

Arrest that man!!!

The following uses satire to make a point. I’ve never trusted those “drinking liberally” meetings. They hold them all over the country, but I’ve never been to one. It’s not that it’s from the USA, it’s more that I think they’re actually used to arrange exchages of boatload of cocaine or something like that. Hm,… Continue reading Arrest that man!!!