Who Uses Prisons for What?

According to the Greens, Angela Davis says: Prisons, she said, are a dumping ground for people, as a means of control and maintenance of economic domination and conceptually, as a way of disposing of the unacceptable face of capitalist society – the other side of the affluent coin. I was reading that, and I remembered… Continue reading Who Uses Prisons for What?

New Investigate Revelations

Ian Wishart is no fool. It was quite clear to anyone who actually bothered to read his article on police corruption that he had plenty more material, just in case the first lot was ignored. So today, just as I suspected, he has released more allegations. I haven’t read them yet, but I have no… Continue reading New Investigate Revelations

The Place of the Courts

Stop The ACLU has a great post on the place of courts in the legal process. Recently, the Supreme Court ruled that a female employee who sued for what seemed to be obvious discrimination in her wages could not bring suit because she took longer than the statutory 180 days to bring the complaint. In… Continue reading The Place of the Courts

Police GB Video Woman Dead

Update: Post edited to reduce creepy searches finding it! If you have read the Investigate magazine article on Police Corruption, this will disturb you deeply. Consider the timing: after the news of this video had died away, Investigate published. Investigate’s expose has now been forgotten by the media, and no new issues have yet come… Continue reading Police GB Video Woman Dead

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Police Corruption Given the OK

I have an admission to make. I have only just started on the Investigate Mag article -the rest of them were just too interesting! However, what I have read is ghastly. I also find it sadly very believable, as will most people who read it. I’ve read some stuff in Investigate that was quite thin… Continue reading Police Corruption Given the OK

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Spying on Idiots

The biggest story of the day is of course the “spy” employed by a security company working for Solid Energy. Firstly, the company who hired this kid are idiots. He was not “acting” as an enthusiastic member – he was one already! What were they thinking?!? Look. If you’re going to get a good spy,… Continue reading Spying on Idiots

Police 10/7

So everyone’s upset about this comment: But mainstream programmes also had a Maori presence, Mr Ellis said. “Dream Home, Shortland Street, Ten Years Younger, Intrepid Journeys, Location Location, Animal House, Game of Two Halves, Police Ten-7, Charm School, Lost Children, I could go on. There’s a large number,” he said. Pita Sharples says: Dr Sharples… Continue reading Police 10/7

Paris Gets “Good Behaviour”

Paris has had her sentence halved for “Good Behavior“, even before the sentence starts. I’d have thought it was bad behavior that got her there in the first place! If I were the judge, I’d find whoever made that decision and have them up for contempt of court. Ridiculous.